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March 3 , 2024
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Magica- ambient by Shuki Zikri

 ( Phonokol / Musica Plus ,  Mar. 2003 )

1. The Future Sound of London presents Amorphous Androgynous- The Isness 2:52 2. United Future Organization- The Sixth Sense 5:25 3. Ante Rem- Sacra Samba 6:55 4. Bob Marley vs. Funkstar de Luxe- Sun is Shining (sand in my shoe mix) 5:58 5. Jason Tyrello- When the Sun is Gone (relaxation mix) 6:49 6. Sarma- Muel 5:01 7. Mystic Diversions- The Love Dance 5:28 8. Banda Sonora- Guitarra G. (Afterlife remix) 5:39 9. Deep Dive Corporation- Summertime 6:23 10. Elysium Crey- Futaba 3:49 11. Goldrix presents Andrea Brown- Itís Love (Trippin') (peaches & cream mix) 6:19 12. Clan Greco- Rotation (Eric Kupper remix) 6:26 13. Private Taste- First (Ashtrax ambient mix) 5:17 14. Gali Atari- At Keren Shemesh (Aran Lavi ambient remix) 4:58

Well, this isn't really crossing trance areas too much, but it is a good chill CD mostly, compiled nicely from licensed tracks, grazing different ambient fields, more in the loungy and mainstream ones. BTW, for the non-Israelis, Shuki Zikri is not a DJ but a hair stylist, Israel's most famous one (hell, even I heard of him). I dunno what brought him to invest in music, but it's a nice move, may more come. A shame he didn't choose to promote some more local talents that make some great music that can take part here without hurting the high standards. As for the music, it goes through different styles: touching ethnic realms (African, Indian & Spanish), dub, triphop, acid jazz, psychedelic ambient, a bit of everything, and mostly very good bits. Some tracks I find a bit too soft, sliding to the elevator music section, but all and all this is mostly great music, well chosen and flowing excellently. There are some real gems you must have here as well. Two down points are that one of the best tracks here, the Private Taste remix, somehow doesn't fit in, and that the bonus track is not really a bonus, it's not produced well enough and it's totally out of sync with the musical line. At least it's the last one.

Recomendation:  Excellent diverse musical journey for the more freestyle relaxed moments of your day- good for siesta!

Favorite tracks:3(!), 4(!!!), 6(!), 7, 8-10, 11-12(!), 13.

Review by : Shahar

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