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June 26 , 2019
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 ( Pure Perception ,  Mar. 2010 )

1. Prime Time- King Klong 8:18 2. Prime Time- Intact Instinct 6:18 3. Cold Project- 46 & 2 9:29 4. Bioluminescense- Magus 9:46 5. Excizen- Roytze 7:35 6. Cold Project- Night Today 7:32 7. Lunaspice- Dark Matter 8:16 8. Primordial Ooze- Centered 6:43 9. RPO- Excess (Excizen remix) 7:57 10. Prime Time- Tortuga 6:08

Kameleon & Labyrinth (aka Bioluminescence) decide to bring us a collection of minimal psytrance here. We start off with two Prime Time tracks. The first, King Klong, is pretty dark and minimal, yet retaining a distinct funky edge. The second is aimed more towards the funk side and considering its title itís probably a tribute to one of the biggest minimal psytrance groups there ever was back in the day. Cold Project (T3) goes to darker territory and this is how I love my minimal, dark, brooding, not too fast in the bpm range. Great stuff with satisfying length too. Bioluminescence are up next with a similar sounding track, although this has more activity with voice sampling. Another great track. Excizen's Roytze starts off really dark too. Dark funk is what Iíd call it. Cold Project shows us another dark track. This reminds me of some of the minimal side projects the guys of S.U.N. Project had back in the day. Ouija is what it was called, I remember. Anyway, this is like one of those songs, only darker. Lunaspice comes up with an even funkier track. This could go under progressive, but itís a little too minimal for that. Primordial Ooze (T8) goes on with a somewhat weirder track, with lots of stereo gimmicks flying about. Nice for the change in scenery. Excess by RPO gets the minimal darker treatment by Excizen in his second contribution here and it comes out great. Prime Time gets to finish the whole thing off with a tight, dark and electro kind of song. This album is minimal done right :)

Recomendation:  The whole thing oozes quality. There are no setbacks here if you like this minimal kind of style, which isnít as prominently present today as it was a few years back. Itís nice to see artists still exploring this kind of stuff and this album is a prime example of some good tunes in the genre. To me the best tracks here are tracks 3, 4, 5, 7 & 10, but as I said the whole thing is great. Mastering and artwork are good too. All in all a great package and one to get for sure if youíre into minimal.

Favorite tracks:3-5, 7, 10.

Review by : Acidhive

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