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August 23 , 2019
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Makyo - Suzhou River CDS

 ( Uplink ,  2001 )

1. Suzhou River (underwater dub mix) 18:27

Well, Gio does it again, another long composition that will take you to a magical journey if you just leave your body and immerse your mind and heart in the music.

This track has a whole world inside to discover. Float on that opening airy sound, till the slow hypnotic beat starts and immediately sets you in motion- itís just irresistible. Beautiful rain-like piano drops join in, radiating optimistic sadness, over a whispered dialog in Japanese which I donít understand but feels like a some kind of a breakaway. Delicate dubby touches, spacey psychedelic sounds, breaking the surface water, and so much more. This is so complex, so musical, so full of sounds and emotions to discover, which are way beyond words. All that on top of that hypnotizing repetitive rhythm (this is TRANCE!) makes me find myself listening to this so many times repeatedly without getting tired. When I press play again after the long beatless, yet still hypnotizing, outro, and after awhile the beat comes in again, my mind and body just falls back into the rhythm, like coming home again into your natural life beat.

Recomendation:  Have it if you can- another amazing ambient creation from Makyo.

Review by : Shahar

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