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June 24 , 2019
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Mekkanikka - Micro Revolution

 ( Nutek ,  Dec. 2008 )

1. Trippin Balls 8:12 2. XRated 7:03 3. Feel Good 6:42 4. Try Before Buy 6:57 5. King Bate 6:52 6. Side FX (rmx) 8:11 7. Micro Revolution 7:13 8. Keep it Fresh 7:16 9. Outfoxed 7:31 10. Generation 6:46

Most of you probably know Mekkanikka already. He's been on numerous compilations and his first release was on the now non-active Spirit Zone label. He's all about straight full on, pretty standard sounding overall, but with kind of a fat edge. It the same on this album. From track one you're bombarded with a fat bass lines and cartoon samples (South Park). As the album progresses we get everything you could think of in full on. Bass line changes, acid lines, lots of samples and a pretty wild feeling to most of the tracks. With a lot of acid lines in here it sounds almost like old Electric Universe in places, but a bit more edgy. All in all it's a pretty wild ride in places, with a lot of tempo and in your faceness.
Now I hear you thinking: what is this going to add to my collection? Well, as I said it's pretty standard stuff, but what is being presented here is rock solid with every track being really party-ready material. Somehow Mekkanikka manages to stick to regular full on but he keeps the tracks interesting by implementing lots of changes, little melodies, good sampling and a really driving bass work. A special mention is due for Trippin Balls (T1), Feel Good (T3) and Keep it Fresh (T8) with those rap samples (heavily edited) and the relentless drive in it. Most of the songs work wonders on people's feet anyway. My girlfriend was nodding her head all the way through it.

Recomendation:  To sum it all up, if you're looking for a great full on album you're at the right place here. Most artists in this genre can't keep it up for a whole album but Nikka manages seemingly effortlessly. I hope he keeps this up. I'm looking forward to hearing more of this.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 8.

Review by : Acidhive

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