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June 24 , 2019
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Midival Punditz

 ( Six Degrees ,  2002 )

1. Air 6:41 2. Extasis 4:02 3. Fabric 5:02 4. Insite 4:33 5. Far from Home 5:49 6. Bhangra Fever 4:58 7. Mercury 4:50 8. Night 5:55 9. Forest Dreams 5:13 10. Ajmer 5:44 11. God of Love 6:05 12. Dark Age 7:03

A friend recommended me Midival Punditz 4 months ago. Finally I got my hands on a copy and the only thing I have to say is: fuck! I should have bought it right away- why didn't you tell me it was so good?!? The Delhi-based Indian duo, who have already worked with some pretty big-name musicians, deliver with their debut album an intense experience morphing electronic and Indian music in a way that brings out the best of both. This album is crowded with creativity, fusing Jungle and D'n'B beats, an array of Indian musical instruments, beautiful Indian vocals, classical Indian music moves, and a lot of emotions. Unforgettable moments include the mellow Santur & Piano meeting in Extasis (T2), the highly danceable Insite (T4) with trancey crazy tabla rhythms on distorted bass and a "Juno Reactor in India" general feel, the slow spacey psychedelic Far from Home (T5), the totally hypnotizing crazy mayhem of Bhangra Fever (T6), and the sad and emotional Night (T8) that moves strings inside you- one of my three favorites here. The two others ending this CD. God of Love (T11), a beautiful creation carrying a hypnotic happy mellowness, squeezing your heart juices, to be followed by Dark Age that closes this musical creation, and goes even deeper into your heart with a hypnotizing slow beat layered with powerful vocals and Indian instruments. An amazing track leaving you with a hanging jaw, wondering where are you and what have just happened. A good way to finish an album.

Recomendation:  If you like good music I highly suggest you check this out. If you like electronic and ethnic music, then there's nothing to check- just buy it!
Favorites: 2(!!), 4, 5(!), 6(!), 7, 8(!!!), 11(!!), 12(!!!).

Review by : Shahar

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