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June 27 , 2019
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Motion Sensor - compiled by Atyss

 ( Sonic Motion ,  Jun. 2007 )

1. Atyss- Epsilon 140bpm 5:13 2. Phonic Request & Principles of Flight- French Mad Cook 145bpm 7:04 3. Abomination & Outer Signal- The Trooper 145bpm 7:58 4. Noise Pipes- Chox 146bpm 7:28 5. Atyss- T-Virus 144bpm 6:49 6. Triskell- Yasse 145bpm 9:11 7. Digital Talk- Building Senses 145bpm 8:08 8. Deeper in Zen- Awareness 145bpm 7:19 9. Aodioboa- Mounpierz 100bpm 7:52

This is the second compilation from Sonic Motion that was released two years ago already. Compiled by DJ Atyss, this one is a bit more diverse than their newer Hypnotwist, and ends with a chillout track. The rest of the compilation is comprised of real night time sounds, creating a mixture of deep, dark and twisted atmospheres. Especially the Noise Pipes (T4) and Deeper in Zen (T8) tracks manage to create this dark atmosphere quite perfectly. Special mention goes to the Mounpierz track by Aodioboa (T9) as well, this one has an atmosphere that reminds me of the soundtrack from the Fist II game, released on the Commodore 64 way, way back. This being released in 2007 doesnít mean it sounds dated compared to the standards of 2009. On the contrary, this sounds as fresh as any compilation released nowadays. With names like Digital Talk, Abomination, Triskell, Principles of Flight and Deeper in Zen you know what to expect here. There are no bad tracks and no particular standouts for me, although the Deeper In Zen track does manage to capture my attention the most. The flow her is particularly nice, and it seems to be typical of Sonic Motion releases so far. DJ Atyss seems to have an ear for this, itís nice to notice he puts his DJing expertise to work here. Thereís even an extra on this in the form of the T-Virus video, with visuals by Sonic Vision, playing under the Atyss track T-Virus (T5). The visuals accompany the music quite well. Itís a nice extra for those that like something to see when listening to their psytrance as well.

Recomendation:  If youíre looking for some more twisted night time psytrance you should check this one out. At most shops itís being sold extra cheap now because of it being released a time ago already, so if you havenít already picked this one up, now might be the best time to do so! From my ears this one comes highly recommended. Thatís it for this review; now letís play that Awareness track one more time.

Review by : Acidhive

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