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June 24 , 2019
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Noisy Pipes - Out of Sync with this World

 ( Sonic Motion ,  Mar. 2009 )

1. Crawling, Seeking 4:27 2. No Transpose 8:20 3. I So Late 7:16 4. How to Quiet Noisy Pipes 7:33 5. Cheers for Fears 8:01(feat. Triskell) 6. Dead Orchid 7:07 7. Maybe the Exit 3:35 8. Out of Sync with this World 4:38 9. Heartbeat and Footsteps (All That's Left Now) 4:19 10. Decay 3:40

Alright, Sonic Motion Records is up again, this time with a new artist album. Noisy Pipes releases his debut, after a couple of compilation releases he deems himself ready to deliver. Well, letís find out, shall we? Some more info for those that donít know: Nicolas Zappa started Noisy Pipes 3 years ago after being involved for many years into rock and industrial music. No wonder then that the first track immediately engulfs you in a dark, brooding, and yes, industrial sounding intro to the story. After that itís the usual stuff you wouldíve expected from this guy after hearing some of his compilation releases. Lots of dark synths, atmospherics and a dark bass line and pretty dry kicks. But donít think itís all a bit slower and dark, because tracks like I So Late (T3) How to Quiet Noisy Pipes (T4), and Cheers for Fears with Triskell (T5), really have a party feeling to them, albeit night time partying. The whole album feels pretty dark, which is exactly what Nicolas wants us to experience obviously, so the album title rings true as well. His industrial roots spring through more than once too, especially near the end of the album, starting at Maybe the Exit (T7). Usually Iím not one for going through stuff track by track but Iíll give you a birdís eye view of what this is all about. The opener, Crawling, Seeking is an ambient/industrial intro, No Transpose (T2) and Dead Orchid (T6) are more dark psytrance, a bit slower in bpm, though. Tracks 3-5, as I mentioned, are a bit faster and more party material. And from Maybe the Exit till the end things get industrial/ambient sounding again.

Recomendation:  To like this, you certainly have to be open to industrial music, since a lot of the tracks on here are with this feel. The rest of it is dark night time psytrance with great kicks, percussion and bass lines. Iíd recommend this to anyone thatís into diversity. I liked it and thought itís a nice change from the regular stuff.

Review by : Acidhive

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