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June 24 , 2019
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Noosphere - Aqua

 ( Spirit Zone ,  Jul. 2002 )

1. Hyperfocus 7:20 2. Plan-B 7:27 3. Vector 6:36 4. Anenomy 4:17 5. How Do You Like Me Now ? 6:25 6. Waterproof 5:25 7. The Return 8:26 8. Changes 5:49 9. Quicksand 6:13 10. Captain Proton 7:27 11. Expect the Unexpected 5:22

Ok, better late then never. Just got this excellent album, and it didnít age yet. Noosphere deliver a fresh diverse album, touching lots of spots on the known trance space and exploring some new uncharted territories as well. Fun, groovy, everchanging, psychedelic, strong mind factor- great cover as well.

They start in your face right from the start- rockíníroll!!! Great percussive interphase and back to business. Excellent- who said full on canít be original? Then itís time for Plan-B (T2)- good kick change move- very nice opening. Atmospheric melodies. Crunch. Hypnotizing groove. Vectorís next. Well- everything have been already said. After all these parties itís still a joy to listen and to dance to. Anenomy is a down tempo break with beautiful mysterious touching lines. Then we move to driving percussion with happy, grabbing groove. Great. Waterproof (T6) is a nice chilled blusey piece, very relaxed and with a totally drunk melody. The Return (T7) reminds me of old Etnica stuff in feel- and that is a good thing. Changes (T8) is the only fall down here- and not that itís not a good track- itís an excellent loungy hypnotic piece- itís just that itís totally out of place here, and should have been left for another more suitable place. Things really change with Quicksand, which besides the great name, is a sneaky twisted tune that will sure make you smile. Pure joy. Captain Proton (T10) is my favorite here, with Vector being everywhere for a long time now. Melodic psyrance at itís best- just the way I like it- so much feel! Canít wait to play it pitched up in a morning somewhere in nature. A second team up with Marcus Michael (after Vector) ends the story- the most aquatic piece in this Aqua story.

Recomendation:  Itís been a while since an album got stuck in my changer for weeks- that says all, I think. Just buy it- that's all.
Favorites: 1, 3(!!), 5-7, 9(!), 10(!), 11.

Review by : Shahar

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