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February 26 , 2020
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Ocelot - -One

 ( Avatar ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Drifting Away 3:25 2. Londinium Chills 9:00 3. Cloud Cover 6:36 4. Organic 6:02 5. Rainbow Colors 5:57 6. Molasses 8:01 7. Slow Roast 6:15 8. Chunky Soup 11:10 9. Krauter Husli 7:44 10. OmTare 7:29

Aaron Peacock, better known under his monniker ĎOcelotí, cooks up a journey of downtempo psychedelics, called One. The sceneís enfant terrible, and arguably one of the most creative souls around in todayís scene has a knack for producing music beyond the established norm, always trying to obliterate the boundaries of musical styles, and with this release he departs from most of his previous work which focused more on 4/4 psychedelics. The cover depicts three planets (a blend of Mars meets a blood moon), with the pyramids of Gizeh serving as a backdrop.
The album feels as a companion. Though it consists of more or less ten separate tracks, the order in which the tracks are placed feels just right. From the hypnotic opening tones of Drifting Away, creating a dreamy eclectic atmosphere, to the more laid back electro tinged realms of Cloud Cover (T3), the album flows exceptionally well. It has that techy digital feel, but never loses a nostalgic touch of analog warmth. Fluid and hypnotising, it meanders along in mesmerizing tranquility. There are, however, always some serious psychedelics transmitted through the ether, making sure you donít stray too far into that far away place where dreams reside; a certain movement, a playfulness which is enchanting. This clearly has Ocelotís signature on it, however, penned in a different font. The best example probably is Rainbow Colors (T5), which has a trademark Ocelot bassline, with that dry high pitched kick that seems to implode on itself. However the track doesnít tread the beaten path (which in Ocelotís case is a given) but explores and weaves a blanket of atmosphere which soothes and seems somehow a bit claustrophobic at the same time. Together with Molasses (T6) these two tracks form the peak of the album tempo-wise, and are most reminiscent of Ocelotís previous output. From track seven onward we enter breakbeats again. From the slowly evolving Slow Roast (apt title), through electro-tinged Chunky Soup (T8) and the eclectic tribal infused Krauter Husli to the closing chants of OmTare, that has the honor to end this journey.
This is an album which will last for a long time and has a very high replayability factor. Every time you slide this disc in your player you will be amazed at the amount of detail, the number of layers interweaving and interacting with each other, and the sheer freshness of this release. Keep in mind that this is a very engaging album, which, if you want to enjoy it to the fullest, will require some effort from the listenerís side as well. It can serve perfectly well as a background album, but it truly shines when you take your time and take 75 minutes together with the disc to be swept away.

Recomendation:  While Iíve always had a profound respect for Ocelotís work (whether I liked a particular track or not), this album clearly establishes why Ocelot is regarded as one of the driving forces of todayís scene. This album exhibits a creativity, professionalism and diversity which only a very few can lay claim to. Highest marks for this wonderful album! Essential!

Review by : Timetwister

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