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August 10 , 2022
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Oforia - The Pigs in Space EP

 ( Singale / Phonokol ,  1999 )

1. Pigs in Space- Visitors (part 1) 7:44 2. Oforia- Big Bang 8:18 3. Oforia- Aquatech 8:01

Singale gives us this E.P. from Ofer Dikovsky and they are to be blessed about it. It can only be purchased in Israel! This E.P. is very energetic and fun to listen to.
The first track, Visitors (Part 1), brings us the great Pigs in Space album groove. Great work with that off beat in the beginning and I just love that great mind-bending sound that comes in the middle of the track and just drags you till the end. Very rhythmic track that puts you into a trance state immediately, and keeps hitting you right in the brain. This is one of the two favorites for me in Pigs in Space (the other being Solar) and itís a good choice to open this EP. Big Bang is an old classic by Ofer that you can find on some compilations. The truth is that it kinda loses its power after Visitors (part 1), but still itís a classic Oforia track, with those metallic Oforia sounds flying all around and very driving beat. There is a relaxing period in the middle of the track ending with almost a break only to come back with the organ sounds and explode with that hard drive again.

Aquatech was never released anywhere else, I believe. It starts in mystery with weird noises and it is a real fun track, very jumpy and groovy with a lot of mysterious sounds. Interesting to know when was it made.

Recomendation:  Altogether we have here three beautiful tracks from Ofer. This is going to be a collectorsí item in a few years from now. These are all fun tracks and itís great to have if you have a CD player in your car. And I must say that the cover of the single in itself is worth buying this.

Review by : Shahar

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