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June 24 , 2019
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Onionbrain and the Aliens - The Multiverse Theories

 ( Mind Tweakers ,  Oct. 2008 )

1 – Onionbrain And Megiddo - Redundance - 8:06 [130 BPM] 2 – Onionbrain – Green Worm – 7:16 [132 BPM] 3 – Onionbrain And Bezoar – Silence - 6:38 [136 BPM] 4 – Onionbrain And Disfunction - Outlander – 7:27 [136 BPM]

The Multiverse Theories is the first ever release of Mind Tweakers Records, a Brazilian label, whom, if I am not mistaken, the main brain behind the label project is Andreh Torres a.k.a Bash. The goal of the label is to release night music, either the so called dark one, or more progressive sonorities, but the progressive they are searching is aimed to night territories: dark progressive. Many of the artists featured on collaboration tracks with Onionbrain project in this EP and are producing this new wave of night music sounds have parallel projects, like the case of Meggido, who has the Necropsycho project, and Marcelo Noxious and Alana that are known has Succubus.
But let us hear the theories:

The first track Redundance (T1) is produced by Onionbrain (Bruno Azalim) and Megiddo (Carmine Tarsitano a.k.a Necropsycho). From the four featured tracks of the release this is the slowest one, with a BPM of 130. It possesses a nice groovy spirit and a good overall flow. It has a long intro, almost one minute without percussive sounds, but always with a vague and twisted atmosphere. After two and a half minutes of music we are introduced into some melodies, and some samples on the background (whom I think are from Terence McKenna), accompanied with leads with filter effects distorting them in a good way and some twilight resonances also. The brakes on this track are also good - when the percussive elements enter they create a big impact. Favourite.

Next we have a rise up in the BPM´s, we move into 132, and we are presented with a track made by a single producer, since the others are collaboration tracks. Green Worm (T2) is produced by Onionbrain. This track stars with some subtle and warm leads that go in a continuum crescendo, with sounds very vague; at about 2 minutes, the track suffers a slight change in the sounds and it experiences a small “explosion” with more sonorities included, but this is only momentaneum – after it goes back to it’s original roots, to it’s simplistic and twisted lines, till the end with very small variations. It is probably the most minimal track of the EP.

Silence (T3) is the lady that follows. This track is the product of Onionbrain and Bezoar. One thing I have found on this tune is that it has some pretty weird laughs included, that touch madness realms. What I like very much is the bubbling effect leads, mixed with some sharp leads on the background. Another thing that also pleased me was the brake at about 4 minutes, after it, when the percussive elements begin they confer the track another “dimension”, giving her a very groovy side.

And now we are in the last track: Onionbrain with Disfunction (T4). This is, along with the Silence track, the fastest tunes in the EP, with a BPM ranging 136. In this music we have some space sounds mixed with “beeping” sonorities. There are some vague sounds in the middle, and there is a particularity: the crossover between leads; a lead begins, another one puts in the middle, and it finishes with the initial lead. Some few electric leads make also a good addition in the tune.

The mastering of the CD was made by Andreh Torres @ Rotten Dungeon Studio, Brasil.
The artwork was made by Bruno Azalim (Onionbrain).

Recomendation:  This dark progressive EP follows a very specific line of sound, a little bit different from the regular progressive sonorities. It is aimed for night time, and the leads are the perfect example of it. Even the percussive elements revolve around that atmosphere. The sounds are very vague, and they are extremely slow tracks. I believe they follow a very specific crowd, but it was a good listening, especially if you are looking for new sonorities.

Favorite tracks:1, 3.

Review by : a3k

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