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June 24 , 2019
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Ooze - Where the Fields Never End

 ( Spirit Zone ,  Jul. 2001 )

1. Quntessence 8:57 2. Whatís Up 9:31 3. Restricted Flow 9:48 4. Get it Done 6:22 5. Meeting with Strange Species 13:00 6. Trying Outwards 10:30 7. Delicate Passage 9:10 8. Searching Inwards 9:33

Ambient releases are always hard for me to review- I like to write about each track, and ambient tracks usually have a lot in them. This CD especially was hard to review, still as I listen to it more and more, I find more and more layers to peel. Iíll try to anyway, but itíll be an unfinished job- just the tip of the iceberg. This is a real deep and mature creation, varied in sound, texture and vibe, yet very much together- a real journey for the soul, with so much emotions, and food for the mind and heart in it. All that, in crisp clear sound and amazing production. Itís what electronic music is all about.

Quintessence (which also opens the Chillosophy compilation), is a soft ambientish track in a mysterious dubby atmosphere with a traveling story inside. Very vivid and lively sound, painting a world around you in an optimistic mellow atmosphere, which in a way characterizes the whole CD. The mellowness continues the journey with Whatís Up, which also reveals more of another side of this album- amazing twists of sounds, taking your mind to other dimensions. Great vocal line which evokes in me a great longing for something unknown, and a powerful kick that moves the body while the mind drifts. From here we move on to Restricted Flow (T3), things get a bit more energetic, though still in a spacey and relaxed atmosphere. There is something pulling forward here, to some undefined destination. Get it Done (T4) that follows has some of Son Kiteís Aiwanna (downbeat mix) in it, twisty blooming sounds, very organic and alive. Meeting with Strange Species (T5) is the masterpiece here- a 13-minute journey in various soundscapes, grooves and beats. A much happier and optimistic track with a crazy jazzy start, and then things just go in all sorts of unexpected directions- words wonít suffice- just dive inside- and no expectations! Trying Outward is a deserving follower, and the other real standout here- the optimistic mellowness returns, with some of the sounds here penetrating deep down into the soul. This track is like an exploding fractal with all the colors of the world inside- so visual! I wish it would go on! Delicate Passage (T7), is constructed around powerful percussion, circling you in a very hypnotic way. This is a real track to dive into- itís like moving through liquid. Searching Inwards brings the journey to itís end- more minimal and psychedelic, with thick and sparky atmosphere. Close your eyes and follow the squeaks to another dimension till the deserved ending. And then? WellÖ press play again.

Recomendation:  The more I listen to this CD, the more buttons in presses somewhere deep down inside my concouisness. This is a magnificent creation driven by emotions, and dipped in sounds from other realities. One of the Ďwholiestí releases of the year- a must have.
Favorites: 1, 2(!), 5(!!), 6(!!), 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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