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June 20 , 2019
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Ott - Mir

 ( self release ,  Apr. 2011 )

1. One Day I Wish to Have this Kind of Time 8:33 2. Adrift in Hilbert Space 8:10 3. Owl Stretching Time 7:41 4. Squirrel and Biscuits 6:02 5. A Nice Little Place 7:13 6. Mouse Eating Cheese 7:38 7. The Aubergine of the Sun 10:09

The psychedelic space dub architect from the UK is back with another mind boosting voyage that can be experienced fully and deeply when sitting comfortably on your listening couch at home, but can also work very well on the dance floor. Mir is based on the usual Ott recipe that we all love and that always provides much pleasure to the mind and soul with stunning production and strong adventurous nature, but infused with new punchy flavours. Ott once again managed to freshen things up with forward-thinking witty ideas and strange twists, while maintaining his unique signature sound and style alive and kicking, just as he managed to do before with his previous fantastic album Skylon. Mir is a lovely sonic dish packed with warm vibrating bubbling fluid basslines, lush swirling synth textures, rich energetic beatwork, and all kinds of quirky sounds and manipulations. All is occasionally seasoned with dreamy guitar streams, ethereally processed vocals, a clever glitchy touch and colorful ethnic scents.

Before Skylon Ott released two albums. First it was the marvelous Hallucinogen In Dub album where he remixed some of Simon Posford's best trance work, then it was the groovy Blumenkraft, which now can definitely be called timeless, and now it is the dubby and funky mystical realms of Ott's latest creation Mir that give us more joy and good vibes. HID, Blumenkraft, Skylon and also HID Live from Brixton (which contains an electrifying live performance by Ott, Posford and friends) carry the prestigious Twisted Records brand name on them and they are very much deserve to. Besides continuing the beautiful Twisted Records tradition of releasing innovative high quality electronic music, those albums also brought a new glow of creativity to the label. This time Ott decided to release his new album by himself, going in a spirit of experimentation and curiosity as he says. For those of you who worry, don't. Releasing by himself did not cause any loss of quality or glow.

Sassy, uplifting and addictive, Mir truly shines from start to finish. With some help from Naked Nick (guitar and vocals on Adrift in Hilbert Space and on The Aubergine of the Sun, and co-writing and performing on A Nice Little Place) and Chris Barker (bass and guitar on The Aubergine of the Sun), Ott created another eternal magical path that can lead its listeners to wherever their minds and souls choose to be led to. Ott's music is the kind of which really lets the imagination go wild and be free, free as a child running happy through an endless green wheat field on a summer day while little colorful smiling creatures are flying all around, leaving luminous powdery trails behind them. The album is available digitally and on CD directly from Ott's bandcamp page. The CD comes in a nice digipak with wonderful and original artwork by Daniel Philosoph from Israel.

Recomendation:  You can really feel the love that was put into this music. A slinky fusion of styles and influences. A must have.

Review by : Bodhisattva (Gad K.)

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