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February 24 , 2024
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P.Cok - Acid Trooper

 ( Krembo / USTA ,  Nov. 1998 )

1. Annelectric 8:29 2. Tracker 8:12 3. Mukolit 6:41 4. Acid Trooper 7:49 5. VEF 7:58 6. Liquid Lunch 9:07 7. Geteyo 7:55 8. Joygazm 8:59 9. Skypusher 8:42

O.K.- I don’t want to write this review, yet I feel I’ve got to let everyone know about this amazing CD. The reason I don’t want to write it (yet) is that this is one very complex piece of artwork, and in order to appreciate it, you really have to dive into it, and I heard it only about 10 times so far. But, I’ll write it anyway, and might add to it in the future. This is a long awaited CD from those 3 guys (Ziv Matushka, Dedy Cohen, Yehuda Cohen) that have been around for a long lime. It was worth the wait. Every track has a short intro and outro that kind of gives it a cycle feeling. Each outro weaves itself nicely into the next intro, adding to the one-piece feeling.[here: "> Track 1, Annelectric (Featuring Daniel Kastenboim) Starts with a repetitive chanting and then the booms come in and the chanting comes and goes into and out of amazing buildups together with a nice ethnic background melody. The track serves as kind of an intro to the whole CD, not too intensive and prepares your mind for what follows. The sample goes: “You see, the electricity’s been neutralized all over the world”. Tracker starts with relaxing sound of chimes and then things start to get real heavy and the CD turns to a very powerful intense night music, heavy on the brain with psychedelic metallic sounds flying in and out. Track 3, Mukolit, has (again) some ethnic chanting that turns into a subtle background oriental melody (Sitar?). The track keeps changing rhythms, very psychedelic stuff with some psychedelic effects. Acid Trooper- Well, troops march, and this is a marching track, minimal with psychedelic effects and starts to build up slowly slowly. In the middle comes the break, and then, all hell breaks loose. Again, some oriental flute in the background along the way. Probably one of the best night tracks I’ve heard lately. Track 5, which features Yuli Fershtat (who’s also on a few tracks in Enertopia’s Face Adapter), starts with chimes and cymbals and a rhythmic slow, well layered entrance of the music, as the sample is also layered in- amazing work. This not for dancing really, more of a ‘close your eyes and let your mind fly’ track. Track 6, Liquid Lunch, Is real dark stuff, a frightening distorted sample to start with and a very dark sound to follow. There are some breaks when things light up a bit with the sounds, but then real psychedelic sounds fly around Again, might be too slow to dance to. The sampling comes again with some drumming, and you think it’s going to end it all, but then it sends you on your feet with a great buildup to end the track. Very trippy stuff (not much of a surprise considering the track’s name). It’s not surprising to find that Emiliano Solazzi (Moty Griminger) from Enertopia took part here. Track 7 is again very psychedelic, but much faster and lowers the pressure on the brain a bit. The weakest track here, but it does the job. And then... Sunshine time! Joygazm sends you dancing immediately and some nice melodies are starting to show, you can actually feel 16 tons coming off your brain. And then finally the powerful uplifting melody arrives, and all the energy you’ve built up all along comes out- A Joygazm!
Track 9 is another beautiful morning (or noon) track with beautiful slow buildups, psychedelic sounds and nice melodies that blend in and take over only at the end. And then it ends- Press play again, what to do ???

Recomendation:  The cover (which is just crazy!) says: “Fight back acid trooper here comes the party patrol” (which goes well with Krembo’s little “Fight 4 Your Right 2 Party” logo). And all I have to say about this is: Yep!!! This CD is very psychedelic, with a very special solid sound and a beautiful build up as it goes along. I love the oriental sounds that go through the CD. A masterpiece! THIS IS A MUST!!!

Favorite tracks:4, 5, 6(!), 8.

Review by : Shahar

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