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June 26 , 2019
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P.O.T.S : Social Success Remixes

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Jun. 2006 )

1. Crystal Cream (Rai Remix) 2. Hello Kitty (Fitalic Remix) 3. Trance Popper (Greed vs. Sonic Cube Remix) 4. Bravo (Antix Remix) 5. Botox Party (Parrket Remix) 6. Groove Garden (Human Blue Remix) 7. Eifelgold (Tegma Remix) 8. Dandy Division (Side-A Remix) 9. Tussy De Luxe (Elysium Remix)

The Czech label Tribal Vision released a full-length album of the German duo P.O.T.S. followed by a remixed one from the best progressive projects around the globe. The tracklist looks very promising.

Starting of with the happiest mood ever (T1), bright sunny sounds, sparkling hi hats, organic bass, all accompanied by a broken beat. The main melody is too happy for my damaged form real life soul. But if the clubby half naked girls on the beach dance along side me, I wouldnít mind putting a big grin and swing to the easy sounds while drinking my sex on the beach. Interesting track with a very positive effect on the mood. We are driven by the hypnotic percussion work of Fitalic (T2) whose recent work hasnít changed much. Itís always the same type of low, groovy, percussion-based rhythm, which itís not bad at all. The dynamics of the track are very large because of the countless hi hats, cow bells, and all kinds of housy samples from the high frequencies. The electro lead is not standing out like in the other tracks but instead, it just flows with the rest of the sounds fitting in perfectly. This piece just keeps on going, reminding me to close my eyes for the desired effect. A dirty electro synth bass is ready to make the club go crazy(T3). The sluggish vocoded voice sample enhances this moment of bliss, filled with joy and optimism. As the sassy hymn keeps on going I am taken by surprise with the marvelous snap/clap while the AC/DC males take out the belts with metal dots and groove next to each other enthusiastically exchanging liquids before this track fades away and deletes this wonderful moment. A dirty, pervert track!. The scary feeling of the constant pad like bass adds to my interest of what will happen next(T4). My expectations are big! And I am not let down, yet. We have a masterpiece in its own kind from the StŲrm brothers bringing us a compressed flat kick, very sharp and edgy sounds, grooving hard rhythm and a lot of layered synths. The samples at the big break give this track a scary feeling but the progression just makes it more melancholic. Beautiful and wizardly crafted track suitable for closing a groovy progressive set. Next we have a groovy percussion, followed by a strong wooden, spiced with a mild distortion kick and a dance like clap(T5). The pads are now introduced along with the reverbed bass based on low frequencies. An evil, scary technoish synth applies the respectfull feeling towards the track, altogether blended with tribal percussions. The bass just evolved with its tail swinging and passing by the crowd. Be carefull people!!.You might get hurt. A mild downer break after which the song is playing with every layer of sound as presented before. Spanky! Somehow I am concerned that it might bore the crowd also. Now we go the other way around with the saw tooth phased bass line and the kick which fills it when needed(T6). Perfect for outdoor sound system. The clap reminds me of the euro trance style, but this style can be only identified as Human Blue. None of the layers, sounds, percussions stand out they just fit together perfectly. After the break the bass is becoming more constant and edgier than before topped with penetrating flying melodic lines and a mellow yet optimistic feel which takes us to another big victory with the Vikings. The braveheart like melody just makes me proud with myself. Another masterpiece from an old school artist. Pumping, energetic drum work and nonstandard bass makes my body groove on its own(T7). The stabs add to the euphoria with a fair bit of psy synths chunked. We have fat, massive synths at the break and the the appregiated melody with the note changing bass emphasizes the emotions. A well done track. The message is for sure understood and obeyed. All of a sudden we are brought back to the mystic and unknown territories of the unique, fresh and innovative progressive sound but this time the shofeur is Side-A whose driving beats mixed nearly to perfection with the crunchy bass and the mystic feeling generated by the effects, stabs and short synths just gets bigger (T8). As the track progresses nothing new happens but I am still dancing like there is no tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe there isnít. A sturdy, solid dancefloor material. The atmosphere got very lush and dreamy, interchanging with soft caressing carpets of sound transforming and interacting with each other in a beautiful clouded bright place without no gravity, no rules nor bad feelings(T9). A hard work must be done as presented with the tribal beat. We get serious and we must accomplish it. But the realm stays untouched by the problems and things continued where theyíve been, but in a slightly different manner, a better one. A very deep tune.

Recomendation:  This CD is a great dj tool with different styles of progressive tunes. I recommend this to anybody who is open minded and free in the name of music. Itís a must have for the djs and the home listeners also.
Favourites: 3!! , 8! , 6! , 9

Review by : kikola.

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