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June 27 , 2019
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 ( Iono ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Protonica- Intro 1:36 2. Klopfgeister- Dirty Santa 8:55 3. Magoon- Delusion 7:23 4. Mute- Space n Time (Ritmo remix) 9:07 5. Zen Mechanics- Tree-D 8:05 6. John 00 Flemming- Nervous Breakdown (Anton Chernikov remix) 8:53 7. Fat Data- Daydream 9:17 8. Unseen Dimensions- Sjouk 7:19 9. Aladiah vs. Signs- Crystal Alchemy 8:29 10. Protonica- Airflow (live edit) 9:06

DJ Murus, Iono music label partner from Hamburg/Germany has a long list of credits working as a professional progressive music DJ. This CD is intended to be a reflection of his DJ personality with an intelligent flow through it.

A lightweight start, with no apparent pattern and misty feeling overwhelmed with a feeling that things could start any moment (T1). Continuing into a colored explosion, a steady beat with sizzling percussion, packed into a great Klopfgeister masterpiece, on which none of the standard groovy ingredients got forgotten (T2). We are taken by the momentum of the flow, forwarding us to the more edgy and electrified tunes with the bouncy shivers and shakes(T3). We're still not near the middle of the compilation and the overdrive is on the highest mark! (T4). The steady psy progressive beat is a true disco damager, doing it in a hypnotic manner. A great night time atmospheric warm up tune. Stacked and unstacked with remarkable skill, the steady beat and the sharp production can only be done by the talented Wouter Thomassen (T5). He isn't doing anything new, but it always sounds like it's made to fit the bleeding edge listener's ear, like a true masterpiece that will rock the dance floor. As the seconds pass by on the display, the night time stomps start to kick in for which the heralding was made with the sound of the previous songs. The level of production and innovation got low, definitely not as I expected nor it's my cup of java (T6, T7). Nearing the end of the CD we are lightened by the sound and brought back on track with the morning full on fillers designed for the glow stick crowds who had lurked from the depths of the night (T8,T9). Last but not the least it's a perfect ending for this compilation, Protonica remixed themselves (T10). Yup, that's right, every single thing that had been left out in the previous version of this song is filled here, all marked with the famous Protonica signature, a long tune which takes it's time in developing, and packs a punch when needed using their own type of production techniques.

Recomendation:  This compilation has quite a few good tracks from some renowned artists for which it is worth listening to. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice one, but the compilations on which all tracks can be used and liked by one person are rare. The most important thing to note here is the perfect flow that this CD has. It's influenced by the DJ character of the compiler. The artwork seems to presents the rough and rouge path that one has to take in order to understand the most mystical philosophies and teaching of the elders.

Favorite tracks:2(!!), 4, 5(!!), 10(!)

Review by : Kikola

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