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June 20 , 2019
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 ( Peak Records ,  Oct. 2006 )

1. Master Margherita Feat. Tanina Munchkina – Bonkers – Intro 1:03 2. Little Pumpkin Vs Noisy Pipes - Dtc 7:27 (145 BPM) 3. EVP – Kaepirinha 6:20 (148 BPM) 4. Yab-Yum – Invincible 7:14 (146 BPM) 5. Atriohm – Lost 8:27 (148 BPM) 6. Electrypnose vs Higko – Internal Moves 7:02 (151 BPM) 7. Yab-Yum & Ocelot – Put Another Synth On The Barbie 6:57 (146 BPM) 8. Drumatik – Born To Be Wild 7:23 (148 BPM) 9. Clockstoppers – Magical Places 7:13 (150 BPM) 10. Ocelot – Minor Deviant 6:52 (148 BPM) 11. Dimitri Zara vs Synthogen – Escom 7:31 (148 BPM) 12. Flooting Grooves & Dymons – Whatwasthat 2:02 (Outro)

Peak Records present us with it’s 10th release, Peakopath, which from it´s repertoire, is the 6th compilation of psytrance, among more 2 compilations of Ambient, and 2 original albums, one from Drumatik and the other from Electrypnose. This already shows the quality of this label that had it’s 1st release almost in the end of the year 2003.
This various artists piece of work, starts with an ambient intro by Master Margherita feat Tanina Munchkina, which delivers the next message:
The path to the peak, is rugged but sound
The sane stains defeat, where graces around
Around the bend, on higher ground
The mind is lost, the peak is found
Nice way to start this cd. Next we move to Dtc and Kaepirinha, 2nd and 3rd tracks respectively, made by Little Pumpkin and Noisy Pipes, and the last by EVP, to me, newcomers on the scene. Although the tracks don’t have a very dark atmosphere, the psychedelic used in both, is very interesting, good build ups, and nice ideas. But I must confess I felt the “touch” of Eskimo in the 1st track, around the 5:30 m; I expected another development in this final part of the track.
In a hurry comes Invincible by Yab Yum – whom we expect an album, Nocturnal Emissions – hypnotic sounds and sharped sounds, make this music a delight for the ears.
Lost is the name of the track by the Macedonian duo Atriohm, and to me, it´s the highlight of this compilation. Not very pumping, maybe a little bit minimalist, hipnotic also,but it is ideal for the high hours of the night, where the trip is more intense; this track is genious, I just love it, can´t get tired of listening to it.
Next we have a rise of bpm´s, has we follow Electrypnose and Higko 151 bpm´s music, intelligent brakes and crazy build ups, the mark of Highko, and the twisted Swiss mark of Vince, complete this crazy track. Track nr. º 7, a collaboration between Yab-Yum, the owners of Peak Records, and Ocelot. This is also a very good track, we can feel very well the particular sounds of each artist combined on a spiral of psychedelic. Also we have in the same track, some nice samples by Ali G: “Which is the type of acid that actually makes you fly?”, plus the well known melodies of the Muppets Show.
Born to be wild, is Drumatiks work, starts with a very darky environment, but I feel the choice of sounds about 2:00 m, gave the track another direction, from the one I was looking for,nevertheless a nice track.
ClockStoppers makes another appearance, with a fast track, lots of brakes, good work on kicks, nice buids ups and twisted sounds make this one.
Ocelot appears also again, but this time alone, and the track is his typical style,hipnotic but maybe more trippy, than the regular Ocelot, but not a very heavy one. Nice groove on this one.
Strong kicks, and a lot of acid lines, and a nice melody, composes the track of Dimitri Zara and Synthogen, newcomers to me also.
To end this piece of work we have Flooting Grooves & Dymons in an ambient outro track.

Recomendation:  To conclude, I must say, not being a “weapon of mass destruction on dancefloors”, this compilation, stands for having a lot of varied, good and intelligent music, with a wide ranging of artists. To the peak fans, this is definitely a must have, you won’t be disappointed, to the ones who aren’t yet, I advice you to go buy this cd.
Also to finalise me, I always loved the covers Peak Records use, and this is no exception – a pleasant “landscape” for the eyes.

Review by : a3k.

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