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June 4 , 2020
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Perfect Stranger & Eitan Reiter - Lizard EP

 ( Echoes ,  Sep. 2010 )

1. Lizard 11:30 2. Lizard (Alex Di Stefano remix) 7:45

Perfect Stranger and Eitan Reiter collaborated so far only through remixing each other. Now Echoes bring us a first real collaboration between the two. It goes by the name Lizard and DJ Osho of Echoes brought an Italian force to do the remix work, as he often does. Prepare for the time tunnel, Doug and Tony are here!

The first thing I must say about Lizard is that it is so musical! In days when melodies and harmonies are often either non-existent, pale echoes of old used ones, or outright stale, Lizard is so full of real music. The second thing I must say about Lizard, and it is connected to the first one, is that if you've been around for a long time, it will throw you back in time. In an instant. 1993 or 1994, I think. It has that totally fresh naïve acid techno feel to it with a flavour of what came to be good old Goa trance, but in the time when it didn't really have a name yet. It is naïve, optimistic, full of beauty, yet psychedelic and out of this world, and purely magical. In my mind I cannot help but vision a bunch of colorful happy hippies dancing in the moments just before the sunrise on some faraway beach under coconut palms. It manages to capture for me moments in time that happened long long ago and yet it feels totally true. That is something that can be done, I suspect, only if the people making it truly have that special feeling somewhere in their hearts and minds. Oh, and one more thing- this track talks! I will leave it for you to find out what it says, though.

The remix by Alex Di Stefano is more in your face, it has more punch, and it too takes me back in time. A couple of years later this time, when things became more tribal, when the beat took control, when tracks started to explode. This is one of those tracks that gets all the dancefloor jumping together as one, if dropped in the right moment. It still carries some of the emotional charge from the original, of course, and serves as a perfect match for it.

Recomendation:  A track that brings me to write so much about it… well… it says it all, I feel. Beautiful EP. A Must.

Review by : Shahar

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