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August 10 , 2020
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Perfect Stranger - Living in the Past EP

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Jun. 2010 )

1. Perfect Stranger- Living in the Past 8:10 2. Perfect Stranger- Living in the Past (Magitman remix) 7:50 3. Tristan- Bombscare (Perfect Stranger's small Vagator mix) 8:12

A new EP from a favourite artist in a label I really appreciate is a good reason to find some time for proper listening and reviewing, so here goes… The beginning is not so rewarding. Living in the Past is probably my least favourite Perfect Stranger tune in quite a while. The rhythms still talk here as only Yuli's do; The groove is irresistible and grabs you all through the way; But the melodic parts, the sounds and the break and build are just not doing it to me. Too expected and not fresh. Nice, can work on the floor, but never more.
The Magitman remix, however, shows that even an average track can have a reason to be there- a good remix, for example. Grinding jumpy beat, crunchy sounds, strong drive, big atmosphere and an overall feeling that just makes me wanna stomp. Heavily. Nothing deep here, but a real excellent dancing machine. Fat.
Perfect Stranger's remix to Tristan's Bombscare (originally released on Vagalume's Universo Parallelo) is called small Vagator mix for a reason. I've had this track for quite a while, but it really only got me when listening to it now as part of this EP. An irresistible kick grabs you right away, and then it feels as if Perfect Stranger takes Tristan's in-your-face bombardment, inhibits it, and turns it into a goose-bump psychedelic mayhem with dust under coconut trees and a stupid smile on your face overall feel. Living in the past?

Recomendation:  It's about the remixes here for me, each in its own way. Another solid release from Tribal Vision.

Favorite tracks:2, 3.

Review by : Shahar

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