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August 10 , 2020
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Perfect Stranger - Stardust EP

 ( Iboga ,  Jan. 2009 )

1. Stardust 8:30 2. Stardust (Moonbeam remix) 7:16 3. Stardust (Eitan Reiter remix) 9:29 4. Stardust (Felguk remix) 7:21 5. Free Cloud (A Balter & Perfect Stranger remix) 7:22

Since part of the progressive scene got struck with the winning formula that has formed the backbone of this market, Yuli a.k.a. Perfect Stranger also went on with the flow. As a result we have another release on Iboga Records featuring old and fresh talented artists remixing and presenting a mild variety of genres.

The EP is divided into two parts. The first part is the actual song made by Yuli. A standard massive dance floor burner with a spiky tech-house bass line that makes it even more appealing for the neo ravers (T1). As for Moonbean, a clean steady work is presented as if the club is empty and only the strobe lights are working, but there's just this one guy, staggering, trying to free himself from the music cage (T2). As we go deeper into the release, it opens up smoothly by the power of Eitan Reiter (T3) and then fries a bit with the slutty electro-house craftsmanship by Felguk (T4), but slowly goes down woozily afterwards, when the masterminds of this plot take the final word so the babies can sleep tight when Perfect Stranger himself & A. Balter remix Free Cloud, the title track from the Stranger last album. At the end we realize that it's a great mindless musical joyride.

Recomendation:  This one is a promising release with a few great songs that can take on vast amount of dancers. You just have to follow the instruction on how to use it properly.
Again the artwork is sleek and simple, apparently taken from the clean vision EP.

Review by : Kikola

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