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October 20 , 2021
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Phunk Core - Compiled by DJ Dica

 ( Doof ,  Apr. 2007 )

1. Pantomiman - Tikva 2. Orca - The Human Brain 3. Illegal Machines - Fucking Confuse 4. Psykodroids - Vegetal Twist 5. B55 - Brave 6. Entropy - One More 7. Rev & B55 - Succubus 8. Pantomiman - Trip Trap 9. Cactus - Lorde of ... 10. Illegal Machines - Misu Soup

Phunk Core is the latest CD from Doof records and this is their 27th release! What a great journey of psychedelic music Doof has released all this years, always innovating, with some bets won, others lost, but this release is the case of a well won bet.
This is a compilation of music made by Dj DICA, and was made for summer time, we have a lot of groovy, funky rhythms adapted into psychedelic trance. At my eyes this CD brought a different approach to music to be played in a dance floor. This is a never boring CD, we have some calmer tracks and some dance floor monsters.
So please fasten your seat belts because the voyage is about to begin.
Tivka is the 1st track, and the people behind this project – Pamtomiman - are George Agaranov and Serj. A rather new group to me. This one reflects the concept of the CD - is very groovy with some variations in the bass line, and some nice dynamic elements. It is a very simplistic track but it makes its work. It opens this compilation in a very cool way.
Now we have the “Human Brain” (T2), one of my favourite tracks in this CD. Orca is the man behind this project, and here we are into real psychedelic realms. This is top production; everything in this track is very well conceived: acid lines floating everywhere, samples, great brakes and sudden changes in the sonority. Some interesting sounds characteristically Israeli. Awesome track!
Illegal Machines (T3) is a melting product from Fabien Mournetas and Yan Migaudand, this is a little bit more aggressive and twisted than the previous tracks, this one is always rocking from the very beginning of it, till the end. It has also some great uplifting moments. ”My name is very fucking confuse... What’s your name?” - nice pick for a sample.
Psykodroids is a collaboration track between 4 persons; I could not found much info in the site of Illegal Machines (since two of the elements of this project are from Illegal Machines), the only available info I found was on the Isratrance forum, and I believe this is a collaboration between the Illegal Machines, Phonic Request and Akhoa. What we get in this track is a lot of dynamism, lots of changes in the sounds presented, mainly because we get 4 brains producing a single track, but the final result is very good.
Now we are into night music, B55 with Brave (T5), great acid lines, powerful track that must make wonders on a dancefloor.
One More (T6) the work by Entropy, Omar2 and Pitt, and they present us with their typical sonority, but this is no boring track, by the contrary, with their characteristic sounds they deliver us a night track very interesting with some hypnotic sounds and twisted lines. Great work with the hats, that gives a lot of rhythm to the track.
Next we have my favourite track of this compilation: Rev and B55 with Succubus (T7). This track really works on a dance floor, I had the possibility to test it in a small venue and the result I got was everybody moving enjoying a lot this track! This track makes wonders on a dance floor! This one simple is beautiful. The acid lines are from very good taste, the track is always pumping and like the one from Entropy the work with the hats gives a great rhythm to the track. Superb track.
Trip Trap is track n.º 8, and it is another one by Pantomiman, and unlike the first track of the compilation, which is also from them, this one is directed to night, spooky sounds with some hypnotic leads, and some fat lines compose it. This track is maybe more directed to mess up with your brain, than with your body.
Cactus gives us Lord Of…well this one didn’t caught my attention much, some sounds are not my really cup of tea, so I believe it is more a matter of taste than a matter of production.
And here we are on the last track, and again Illegal Machines serves us some Misu Soup to end our “meal”. Sometimes some CD’s end up with a calmer and slower track, but this one is the opposite of this: great grooves, with those phunky rhythms, always pumping. Nice way to end this compilation.

Recomendation:  To conclude this review I just want to say that despite the fact that Doof Records in years before betted on a strong night/deep music, and has I have stated before in some reviews I made of their music, it seems that they have found a new good direction in their music. This CD is far from boring, having a different approach from most released music. This bet was won. Congrats to Doof for this release.

Favorite tracks:2, 7(!)

Review by : a3k

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