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June 24 , 2019
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Polaris - Deep the Drum

 ( Neurobiotic ,  Oct. 2008 )

1. Stepping Up the Sound 7:43 138bpm 2. 2 Da Rec 7:33 140bpm 3. The Realm (with Zen Mechanics) 7:40 144bpm 4. Preacher 7:51 144bpm 5. Beat the Drum 7:55 142bpm 6. Bamboo Forest- Andromeda (Polaris rmx) 8:39 145bpm 7. Hypnotizing (with Voyager) 7:02 143bpm 8. Ma.Gi.C 7:10 145bpm 9. Calypso (with Voyager) 8:31 144bpm 10. The Bass Kick 6:50 140bpm

Dreaming. Progressive music used to have a sound like this once, back in 2005, which was my favorite of this style. Polaris is a very successful project, especially these days, with many bookings and releases and very good music. Iím very happy with this release, because Polaris holds a real progressive trance groove, as it should be. Polaris does that without mixing any of the new techno elements with minimalist colors on it. Itís not that I don't like these, but here we are talking about real progressive trance music, which is what this album actually is. The name fits totally with the concept of the tracks on the album. There are so many deep elements in atmosphere and groove here. The pads and leads are pure morning treasure and make this composition extraordinary. The biggest impression was left on me by the collaboration with excellent artists such as Zen Mechanics, Voyager & Bamboo Forest. These sure add an extra flavor here.
I should also mention the great vocal in The Realm, which takes me about 10 years back in time and brings back memories with the sample "Hot like the sun and wet like the rain". Itís taken from Cíhantellís The Realm. I really liked one of the mixes of this track when I was younger. Sometimes, memories can decide which track would be your favorite on an album. Besides classic progressive beat, Polaris also bring us a bit faster and harder tracks, but still keeps the progressive groove, even if thereís a rolling bassline oscillation. I totally like it. Focusing on the melodies and background effects in the tracks shows that this guy takes his job so seriously. I can hear many projects with exactly the same lines and melodies in tracks, and this is not case on this release at all. No matter that software today gives anyone thousands and thousands of samples, loops and templates served on a plate, its easy to notice what sounds serious and what sounds like packing lines with finished material downloaded free from internet.
I used to like this kind of progressive trance music but with time it almost disappeared. This album brings that old feeling, which I used to feel 4-5 years ago. I just hope that I will have an opportunity to hear Polaris on some of festivals this summer. Till then I will enjoy this CD for sure!!!

Recomendation:  All in all, this release deserves to get huge attention from trance listeners all over the globe. It has a lot of different elements in one package, great production and sound work, and really DJ & dancefloor friendly tracks.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 4, 8.

Review by : Lara

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