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June 20 , 2019
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Possible Apple - Botanical Zoo

 ( Cool Front ,  Nov. 2001 )

1. Helsinki-Oulu-Akaslompolo 5:13 2. Porstva 8:18 3. Bullets & Arrows 10:54 4. Keep the Signalside Clean 5:53 5. Protecting the Surface 4:54 6. Barry White 5:53 7. Daddy 6:02 8. (Let Me Be) All You Need 4:41

Funky Finland hits again! Work on your afros, put on those big pink sunglasses, get them tight glittering pants out and don't forget the platform shoes!!! Possible Apple- Jasse Kesti- delivers a delicious, funny, sexy, innovative and totally funky round piece of plastic, and you get an extra hole in the middle as well! We're dealing here with a highly talented musician surfing through musical styles, showing a lot of ability using a blend of electronic music and live instruments with a lot of feel, lots of old-fashion-psycedelica, endless innovation, and a sick sense of humor.

It all starts in Helsinki, slow and groovy, with a jazzy flavor and a little surprise. Then we get Porstva (T2)- as funky as it gets, we're talking dark smoky underground pub music for a cold winter, with amazing bass guitar and naughty drumming sequences. I can just see that ancient black guy sitting in the corner in front of a glass of whiskey, wearing sunglasses, nodding his head and tapping his foot on the floor. Bullets & Arrows (T3) is a trip back in time to the 70's detective shows- the mustached cops, slick evil dudes, big American cars' street chases, abandoned factory shootouts, it's all there- close your eyes and have a laugh. I won't describe the whole screenplay- I'll leave you to experience the full 11 min. adventure. Keep the Signalside Clean (T4) is a more electronic and more psychedelic and spacey atmospheric tune. Follows Protecting the Surface (T5), naughty and intensive with cool live drumming. Barry White (T6) hits next- mmmm… Anything I'll say will ruin the experience, let's just say that you're gonna have a laugh, and a big one- what a crazy muttafucka! Daddy (T7) appeared on Surreal Audio's Open, and gave me the first taste of the poisoned Possible Apple, a sexy funky piece of music that will make Austin Powers wet his pants (and I'm not talking about drinking too much beer baby)!!! Need I say more? Well, I'll just mention these old Deep Purple keyboards- I'm still in love with this one!!! The last track is a relaxed song for all ears, beautiful soothing singing to take you out of this funky psychedelic trap. Oh, and if you can stand long silences, there's a little surprise.

Recomendation:  A pure joy for evolved funky electronic minds. A MUST!!!
Favorites: 1, 2(!), 3(!), 5, 6(!!), 7(!), 8.

Review by : Shahar

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