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June 24 , 2019
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Principles of Flight - Chaos Opera

 ( Timecode ,  May. 2009 )

1. Into the Lands of Black and White 1:33 2. Chaos Opera 9:05 3. The Queen of the Dead (feat. Talpa) 7:18 4. Eleonor's Theme 2:41 5. Cerberus 7:51 6. Charon the Ferryman 7:09 7. The Tavern, the Rebels, And the Secret Oath 9:53 8. A Gruesome Plan 3:40 9. The Black Mass 7:07 10. Edward to the Rescue! 7:43 11. The Chase 3:23 12. A Colorful End 7:51

Principles of Flight are Remy and Pierre from France. They have been around the scene for sometime and have already released a album on Boom! Records called Night Time Lullabies. The duo has now released their second studio album Chaos Opera on Timecode Records, who recently signed them. Chaos Opera like the first album is also a concept album and tells the story of Eleanor and Edward- twins in a land devoid of color. Itís an original story written by Pierre and provides a unique perspective when listening to the album.

Principles of Flight have always been known for their techy influence and uncanny integration of classical music elements into their brand of psychedelic music, which is something that is very noticeable on this album. The track list is divided up into 8 full length tracks and a number of wonderful interludes which serve as transitions between the aforementioned tracks. This interesting structure certainly adds to the feeling of listening to a story, rather than a bunch of tracks. Into the land of Black and White is a well constructed epic interlude that reminds me of something straight out of the Pirates of the Caribbean with the epic feeling of something all consuming coming. The title track is one that begs for attention with some really solid techy percussions and enough soundscapes to swallow you whole, and melodies- really beautiful work. From the very start The Chase (T11) has been my pick from the album- rolling at 148bpm- it is a hard hitting rumbler of a tune, especially with that bass line of just pure business and leads that screech and squeal as the chase goes on. Edward to the Rescue (T10) is another interesting tune with a very grim yet dreamy feel to it. Especially the wonderful and absorbing pads these guys use, it lends the track a near nightmarish feel. The Queen of the Dead (T3) produced with Talpa- another master in his own light - is another scary tune with haunting melodies that take me back to my childhood hearing bed time stories. The Black Mass, Cerberus... aargh - all the tunes are rock solid. The techno influence is seen more in the unique percussion work this act puts forward and the melody work is often haunting and unique. A colorful End is another track worth mentioning separately because of its unique drum and bass nature, and more so because it perfectly finishes the album. An opera is the only thing that I can associate with this album and in that respect I think that Pierre and Remy have certainly got the job done.

Recomendation:  If you enjoyed Night Time Lullabies you will surely enjoy this monster ride which runs mostly between 147 and 148bpm. A perfect album to drop tracks from in the middle of the night to give a crowd that extra push (although serious DJs should consider buying the digital release with tracks edited to be more DJ friendly), and all in all just very beautiful music. Pierre and Remy have done it again creating music with a soul and a mind of its own. Big up to Timecode for another stellar release.

Favorite tracks:2, 4, 5, 7, 10-12.

Review by : Squirm

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