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June 27 , 2019
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 ( Organic ,  Oct. 2003 )

1. Aphid Moon v Organik- Are Mutants? 9:09 2. Organik- Need A Drink? 6:48 3. Voice of Cod- We Are Free 7:34 4. Organik- Jellyfish 8:52 5. Miraculix- Sofisticated Electronics 7:51 6. Hammerheads- Spoon Bender 8:29 7. Mr. Biscuit- Slim Shady 8:07 8. Prisoners of the Sun & Chris Organic- Bring Back the Sunshine 6:54 9. Indidginus- Superstrings (wildly inaccurate remix) 6:53

Organic Records is a small label, which releases once per year or so, and this is their first release in 2003. Most of the names here were unknown to me, so I didn't know what I was expecting. It took me quite a listens to really understand this compilation, and I must say I'm very satisfied.

The first two tracks are the weak links in this one, but then it might be just my taste. Anyway, I didn't like them much. In track number 3 it gets interesting. We Are Free starts with a slow and simple groove and slowly slowly evolves into a complex array of sounds and effects. After the break the track explodes again with one of the grooviest melodies I've ever heard, accompanied by great percussion and lovely effects. Organik brings back the faith in him after disappointing in the first 2 tracks. This track is a heavy bassy one, and groovy to the bone. Miraculix comes fifth with Sofisticated Electronics. BPM is higher, the effects are stronger, and the smile is bigger. Spoon Bender by Hammerheads sounds like the previous track, just much more aggressive this time. Mr. Biscuit samples Eminem for his next track- Slim Shady. The track goes "Nobody listens to techno", and then you get the beat surrounded with one hell of a groove. The Eminem samples are very well used here, and this is one track which is going to cause mayhem on the dancefloor, although it goes a bit too chaotic at some points. After grooving so insanely in the last tracks, it's time for a bit of relaxation. POTS go down with the BPM, and evolve the track very slowly to a very beautiful track. The trend continues with the wildly inaccurate remix to Superstrings, which can also be called Sunshine part II. Same formula- slow evolution and quite a beautiful track on the whole.

Recomendation:  This is a great old school, Goa influenced, compilation. It has it all, groove, psychedelia, beauty. This one's going to be a collectors' item in a few years from now.
Favorites: 3(!), 7(!), 8, 9.

Review by : Mike A

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