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February 28 , 2020
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Purple Passion - Festival of Life

 ( Trancelucent ,  Nov. 2002 )

1. Festival of Life 5:39 2. In Magical Forest 6:09 3. Overnight Shatabdi 6:56 4. Insha'llah 6:25 5. The Call of the Wild 6:23 6. The Blue Room 6:10 7. Moon Crescent 7:16 8. Deep Purple 6:48 9. Lights in the Sky 7:36 10. Walking Through the Ruins 9:03 11. Desert of Dreams 6:10

Purple Passion, a long time member of the Isratrance community, has surprised us all when his debut album has come out, under Trancelucent's faithful owner's sponsorship, homsy. A quirky, eclectic electronic experience, we give you Purple Passion- Festival of life.

The first track, titled as the album, is a smooth, rich introduction to Purple Passion's view of music, combining electronic pads, percussion, and those ethnic singing samples, and provides a perfect atmosphere for the rest of the album. In Magical Forest (T2) provides us with yet another magical tour in his musical realm. However, this track is flawed by entering too many details, a fact that makes it an overbearing piece of music, at times. Kicking in the more beatish part of the album, is Overnight Shatabdi (T3). A nice, mellow tune, with a grinding nightish groove and feel, with some interesting loop-work, this one is a definite Night-time track, good for both nature and club parties.
Insha'allah (T4), If god is willing in Arabic, is a faulty track by terms of sound work. It has good structure and a potential of becoming a real good floor-groover, but the sound work prevents it from hitting that peak. Continuing the night-sessions, Purple Passions takes The Call of the Wild (T5), with an aggressive, digging tune. Heavy machinery sounds and pads are intertwined into a climatic track, one of the best of this album. The Blue Room (T6), dedicated to the Isratrance community's old forum. One of the most interesting tunes on the track-list, The Blue Room combines elements of Chillout, Drum'n'Bass, breakbeat and some Ambience, yet manages not to make a mess of things.
Moon Crescent (T7) is a much more freestyle electronica piece, and perhaps Purple Passion's best aspect of his own music. A sweeping drum-loop, accompanied by ethnic samples and a sweet kick.
Deep Purple (T8), possibly one of the best titles in this CD, a harsh, throbbing techy tune with nice "Infected" melodies after the break. DJs, Mark this one. Lights in the Sky (T9), yet another techno venture by Purple Passion, this time with a less arranged feel, as after some very cool minutes into the track it seems to be breaking apart and going into several directions, winding up with no point in hand. Another Freestyle Tune, Walking through the ruins (T10), is a journey through vivid sounds, a soothing bass-line and an intelligent use of effects, and a unique sample in Arabic; check it out.
Closing this unique experience is Desert of Dreams (T11), a down-beat, slo-mo ambience piece, with a calm and mature retrospective view of the entire album, a nice closure.

Recomendation:  A brave effort by an up and coming young artist, whom we all came to know through this community. Not a perfect album, by all means, Festival of life is a unique electronic experience, one which people should try and listen to more than once, and try and understand the musical complexity Purple Passion tries to inflict on us. Personal Favs: 1 (!), 5, 8 (!), 10.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 3, 4, 6, 9.

Review by : Jason (LyTe)

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