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June 26 , 2019
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 ( Soundmute ,  Dec. 2009 )

1. Excizen- Flavour Black 6:36 2. Le Saboteur- 2020 AD 7:22 3. Manibus- Dolaze 7:06 4. Kali Frogz- Section K 6:33 5. Opsy- Broadcastion Prohibited 6:19 6. The Delta- Warp (tinnitus mix) 5:06 7. Cold Project- Back Up 8:43 8. October Rust- Harry Pothead 5:58 9. Alic- Step, Dub and Flames 6:32 10. Prime Suspect- Attraction (Extrawelt remix) 7:06

Reconstruction is the debut CD release from the Balkan label. The Soundmute team consists of a few different people: Lara (the PR and label manager), Misha (marketing and label manager), Vladislav Radulovic (artist and promoter) and Goran Velemirov (artist and promoter). Soundmute proves that techtrance is still alive with this fresh compilation. Bringing together a few different angles of techno, this release is the first proper release in the genre for a long time. Techtrance seems to be on the verge of extinction in today's music scene but thanks to the persistence and quality of releases such as this one, we still have faith!!!

Things kick off with a groovy feel as Excizen warms up the ears for this techno filled CD. Flavour Black offers a trippy tune that's nice to the ear and not too complex for the mind. It's not the highlight of the disc but it does deserve some credit for getting the job done. Le Sabateur, a.k.a Joakim Hakanson, really sets the pace right from the start. This track should have been the opener in my opinion, as you really get a great feel of what to expect on this release. 2020 AD is a drier tune with heavy kick-basses and very tightly fitted mechanical sounds. At some points this track is almost "Hardcore" with drilling basslines and heavy percussion. Joakim really throws this one at you at 100 miles per hour. Manibus (T3) is back in the studio after focusing more on the prosper project. It's good to have Nikola back on the bill. This one is much more structure oriented, still bringing the harder side of techtrance. Dolaze offers drilling basslines and twisted sounds that all combine into another powerhouse track. The French Techtrance survivors are back as Kali Frogz continues to produce great quality techtrance music. Christophe Fabulet and Eric Brandy are together again and Section K (T4) is in my opinion one of the biggest highlights on this release so far. This track is the pure definition of techtrance muisc. Subtle melodies, hard kicks, progressive evolutions and just plain mind-fucking music. It's a little faster than today's standards for techno music but along with the theme of the release, it does all make sense. Great job guys.
Opsy is Kanc Cover, aka Vladislav Radulovic and part of the Soundmute team. Broadcasting Prohibited is a decent tune, focusing on a very strong kick and dry melodies. It's a decent tune in my opinion but it's missing something special. It definitely has a lot of drive but coming after Manibus and Kali Frogz, you can tell the quality difference. Not bad but definitely a filler. Okay, now things get serious. The Delta needs no introduction as the German stars are back after a third studio album release in 2009. Warp was one of their most recent strong tracks and this mix is basically the same great track with a few minor adjustments. Cold Project (T7) is Ian Jukes and Ivan Steyn from South Africa and they are "Back up" in a fresh compilation. This tune really does stand out due to the great use of breathing room in this track. As you might realize at this point, many of the tracks so far were really "full-on" techtrance, and Cold Project really balance things out with their track. Very smooth and progressive, almost like something Sensient would put out. I really hope to hear more stuff from this duo. October Rust is Fabian Mulfinger and Simone Mulfinger from Germany. Harry Pothead (T8) brings a more groovy electro feel to the release. It reminds me of something I've heard before, but I just can't put my finger on it... maybe something from Fuzzion or Extrawelt. This one boldly catches my ear and makes me want to bounce around. It's nothing too complex, yet it works very well altogether. I particularly enjoy the subtle melodies in that come and go. Alic is Volker Jakubzik and Adam Zawadzki from Germany and with Step, Dub and Flames (T9) contribute toward the group of softer, electroish tunes on this release. This one sounds like a clash between Extrawelt and The Delta with long, deep, one-tone synth notes that wobble your eardrums. It's definitely a great track but that strange Mexican guitar sounding insert sure raises a few question marks. Finally, to conclude this release, Soundmute ends it in style with huge names. Extrawelt remix a track from X-Dream's Jan Muller and Ariel Electron's Prime Suspect project. Extrawelt's signature is all over the place. Deep melodies, slower grooves, possessive synths and just plain out great music. It's by far the best tune on this release.

Recomendation:  This album offers a lot of great variety for the techtrance freak in you, from the harder sounds to the softer, more minimal view of techtrance. I strongly support this crew for their ambition and love for the music. It's great to see people take chances in life and not only go towards what everyone wants. Although this CD might not catch everyone's attention, many of the tunes on here should not be left in the darkness.

Favorite tracks:4, 7 & 10 with a side note to 8 !!

Review by : Vincenzo / DJ Clown

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