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June 20 , 2019
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Sabotage - compiled by DJ Zombi

 ( Blue Tunes ,  Jan. 2009 )

1. Zentrale Randgruppe- Streicher 6:42 2. Rodrigo Carreira & Llopis- Sombrero 6:52 3. SQL- Trails 7:46 4. Murat Uncuoglu- Rusty 7:56 5. Igal Magitman- Ring a Bell 8:37 6. Alter Breed- Daily Basis 7:16 7. True Lies- Jumper 7:50 8. Astronivo feat. DJ Zombi- Cooling Down 6:49 9. Soundexile- Unbearable Thought 7:38

After 4 released compilations and quite a few other releases so far, DJ Zombi brings us his latest release, which is describes as “...universal and hopefully touching the right parts in soul...”. Zombi’s success was a coincidence, for which he has to thank a club owner and a sick friend. After playing for the first time in the underground club “Q” he was invited to have a resident night and from there on his career went upwards, with bookings all over the world, releases and various compilations of groovelicious music. “Sabotage” is the fifth compilation and has been provided by Blue Tunes Records. Let's see what this compilation is all about.

Starting off with a minimal drum pattern spiced with a mechanistic head nodding throb (T1). This song has more emotions than I initially thought. The floating pads and the reverbed melodic textures indicate that this is a simple and effective intelligent piece, executed cleanly. Slowly progressing with the Sombrero slick and hypnotizing beats (T2). The minimalism on this track is magnificent, along with the beat-matching groove and the short stabs in the background. A fine story to listen to as it evolves into a serious stomper. The bass is as deep as it can get now (T3) and the buzz created by the layered synths just add to the madness of this beat-matching groove weaved perfectly for ass shaking. A solid tune! We head on with this compilation and Murat Uncuoglu brings us another swampy and dark yet somewhat heavy tune, with its deeply-pitched grooves designed for night time frying when the prescriptions have kicked in (T4). Deep and techy, with minimal drum patterns, Igal Magitman has always made better music solo and this is exactly the case. Transitions are smooth and unforced hence you won't notice when this track finishes. You'll just appeal for more straight-up, progressive textures. Very nice work Mr. Magitman! (T5). We slowly crawl to a close of this compilation as Alter Breed and True Lies used up their talent but not their innovation on their newest productions (T6, T7). The cheese was introduced in “Daily Basis” and the perfectly constructed loop in Jumper is a bit too mechanic and robotic for my taste. As the title suggest we should cool down a bit but this track does just the opposite! At the beginning it heralds a head blurring experience and after 2 minutes you are obsessed with the elastic percussion and the reverb-dunked rhythms (T8) finding yourself crazed on the dance floor trying to imitate the groove. We are about to witness the end of this compilation with the relaxed, sci-fi, atmospheric backgrounds that brings us to a full stop whilst we sit back and enjoy the neat sound (T9).

Recomendation:  Sincerely, it took a while for this compilation to grow on me. That doesn't mean that it's not good or the opposite but I would love to hear some of the tracks on a big sound system for which I am certain that they will perform exceptionally. The art work is straight forward. You dislike the ideology and you sabotage it accordingly.

Favorite tracks:2!, 3, 5!!, 8.

Review by : Kikola

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