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February 25 , 2021
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Safi Connection - Prince of Paranoia

 ( Spectrum ,  2002 )

1. Impact 8:07 2. Desert 8:00 3. Deep Space 8:22 4. Kaimera 8:21 5. Prince of Paranoia 8:27 6. Monster DNA (rmx) 9:23 7. Dream Way 7:03 8. Illegal Alien 7:03 9. Total Experience 7:57

This album is night full-on style, the mainstream in psytrance today and is targeted for the mainstream audience. This is no happy cheesy full-on. This is dark and heavy material, even though it's quite repetitive. The first track is Impact, an average track with a groovy bassline (like the rest of this album) and the usual melody sweeps. Nothing special here although it's a nice opening for the album. The next track, Desert, isn't much different from the first track. The sounds are the same, and so is the structure. But still, this track seems to be much more flowing and evolving, which is always a good thing. Deep Space is the third track and things are getting better as we progress within the album. This time the bassline is different and sounds are very well built to fit the track's beat. This track is followed by Kaimera, which pumps up the BPM and energies and give us a moving full on track. As we progress into the fifth track, Prince of Paranoia it gets better and better. The track is very happy and open with some vocals, although the sounds are just like the previous track. Next track is the famous remix to Monster DNA. Very good beat with a groovy bassline and a slowly evolving motive. The peak comes 2 minutes before the end with the sample, followed by a very powerful entrance and a good finish. The 7th track, Dream Way, ends the album climax with a bit more calm music (as calm as it can me) and the trend is continued by Illegal Alien. Total Experience is a happy track with an optimistic feeling to it, a great way to end this album.

Recomendation:  Repetitive commercial full-on, but at its best. Good for parties and for home listening as well.
My favorites: 3,4,5,6,9(!).

Review by : Mike A

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