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May 18 , 2022
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San Fran Psychos 1 - Phantasmagoria

 ( Geomagnetic ,  Jan. 2006 )

1. Deeper In Zen - X-Ider - 143 bpm 2. Aeon - Amorphous - 145 bpm 3. Chromatone & Random - Empty Oaths - 145 bpm 4. Mubali - Standard Deviation - 147 bpm 5. Quasar - Lum Bought A Me - 149 bpm 6. Ocelot vs Vector Selector - The Bridge - 146 bpm 7. Random vs Viral - Digital Downgrade - 145 bpm 8. MegaDrop (Random & Helios) - Frank-N-Stuff - 145 bpm 9. Mindstorm (Dr. Spook) - Evil Jack (Is Back)- 145 bpm 10. Penta - Frankenstein 2001 - 145 bpm

This is the third release of the San Francisco based label Geomagnetic.TV, whose owner is the compiler of this night compilation. Dr. Spook (Nathan Vogel) is man of many talents: he is famous worldwide as a VJ, but he's also a digital video producer, DJ, music producer, label owner, teacher of computer animation and works with the creation of 3D interactive games and special effects for movies... He's melting down the audio visual frontiers at parties and this compilation is a gathering of the psychedelic artists of the San Francisco area. The cover was designed by Doctor Spook and shows a "Pumpkin beast", I must admit it fits perfectly with the music inside. The album was mastered by Chromatone.
This album begins with its slowest track. 143 bpm, a deep bass line and psychedelic effects form the recipe for this nice opening track. The sample: "Let's go" make me keep going as the beat goes on. Next track (T2) starts with a distorted sample which I can't understand. It's faster than the previous track and a bit more energetic, the album is lifting off... The bass line, the uplifting effects and specially the surrounding atmosphere makes me dance. Damn it, that sample again, I'm craving to know it! The track come back in a funnier way, this is a nice track! The darker collaboration between Lawrence and Ross (Chromatone and Random) is a well crafted night track (T3). One more sample I can't understand... If I wasn't so scared I would sue these guys. This music has a deep night feeling, what I miss here is a bit more work on the bass, but the way it is it's already good. Reverend Greg (Mubali) brings something faster and darker (T4) The bass is thick and psychedelia is two Standard Deviations above the default, which means it's high. The second part of this track makes me feel a bit paranoid... Nice track. "Yes, that's illegal to have Alien bodies..." This track (T5) confirms what we all already know, these San Francisco guys are crazy. This dark tune has a nice kick job, but the 149 bpm are just too fast for me. Both Ocelot and Vector Selector released their debut albums recently. These guys are cooking some real good stuff these days and this track (T6) is no exception. Starts in a kinda hypnotic way, but quickly develop its dark side with a different bass line and the end is full night power with many psychedelic sound layers. An intense and deep track!! Random is back, this time with Viral that bring us some happy and funny effects and YES, different basslines! An interesting and different night track. Thumbs up for making something different. Frank-N-Stuff (T8) is more danceable than the previous track. It has a nice synth work and the guys managed to squeese some nice effects in the track. One more time a sample I can't understand... Surely it works on the dance floor, what I miss is an additional bass line, but it works pretty fine without it. The Doctor himself decided to prescribe some madness to the dance floor (T9). With an hypnotic touch, fat bass and interesting synth, this track is something different. Not an energetic dance floor bomb, but rather a sonic tool powered by a continuous brain melting wave. I really liked it, the sample "Evil Jack is back" adds a nightly touch to this peculiar track. Keep being original Doctor. This last Penta track is an instant classic. I heard it before somewhere, I can't remember where it was right now, I was probably too busy dancing. Penta my favorite night act and this track show you why: many bass lines, crazy and mind tricking psychedelic noises, good taste in the effect choices and tasty samples: "...you think rest of the world gonna find out about it. Dr. Igor fuckin' frankenstein there..." Perfect track to close this night case.
Geomagnetic.TV confirms with this release its will to push the psychedelic frontiers of psytrance. This peculiar selection of night tracks is far from being mainstream having its roots on the underground side of dance music. Geomagnetic.TV will release a DVD with an special VJ mix for the whole CD and it will surely be an interesting tool for all psyheads and VJs. Never go to San Francisco without your crucifix and holy water.

Recomendation:  I recommend this release for anyone who likes night music, this album has different styles of danceable night music insideit, from the dark side to more hypnotic and experimental side. Another good thing about this released is that it's packed with 10 previously unreleased track providing more than 72 minutes of music.
Favorites: 4, 6 (!!), 7, 9 (!), 10 (!!).

Review by : full_on.

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