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February 25 , 2024
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Sandman - Psycho Toons

 ( Hadshot Haheizar ,  Feb. 2000 )

1. U-Turn 9:25 2. Loop in Control 9:25 3. The Attack of the Killer Virus 6:13 4. Psycho Toons 7:26 5. Cyber Zoo 8:49 6. Analogue Laughing Machine 7:59 7. Layla 8:40 8. Toys R Us 8:01

I knew that the Sandman CD will be good and was ready to expect a lot, but when I got this CD I found even more, Psycho Toons is original, innovative and as I didn't expect from Sandman, dance-floor stuff as well. You'll find here great original sounds, toons, trucks, and anything else your mind can wish.

The CD starts with U Turn, quite a weak track comparing to what comes after, but it's still a great one- pure Sandman style, with the same sounds, leading 101 lines and 303s flying around, however, not the track that will blast the party. Than comes Loop in Control (T2)- from the first few sounds it just rocks you, starting with a great leading 303 bass that goes down and than: boom! coming in, a lead that will blow your mind both at home and in a party. Follows The Attack of A Killer Virus (T3), it has a pure UK sound, with that unique sampling technique of Itzik. This track just dances you around, and it's also good to relax and listen to at home- groovy pure Sandman, but with a 4/4 beat. And than another killer tune arrives, with same name as the album (T4). As expected (or not) it contains lots of samples from cartoons, but as it is mixed with such a talent that you get it only after a while. The 303 goes crazy around all that. In short, this track is impossible to describe- you must hear it. Cyber Zoo (T5) that comes after, just contains a catchy tune that will buzz your mind all day after hearing it, a high bpm piece that fits dance-floor standards perfectly. Analogue Laughing Machine is on the dark side of this album, with scratchy itchy sounds, yet not boring and keeps you in the groove. Just watch for those trucks sounds and that synth, and you're in total psychedeliya land. After that again the standard Sandman style returns, with some Arabic prayers around with great sound engineering on it (Layla, T7). The album finishes with Toys R US, that has again toys samplings (how surprising), but this time it comes with heart tearing morning lead and a catchy moving bass, again no words- just let the music work.

Recomendation:  I must say that since X-dream's Radio I didn't hear such a good album. Anyone who liked witchcraft will love this one, and same goes for those of you who are into the new UK style (Quirk, for example). It is a must for any Goa.

Favorite tracks:2, 4, 6, 7.

Review by : Dan Kuida (DJ TranCeBull)

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