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June 24 , 2019
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Sattel Battle - Barefoot Funk

 ( Adapted ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Wapwap (Follow the Toilet Paper) 144bpm 6:15 2. Early Morning Flight 145bpm 6:44 3. Roundy 145bpm 6:50 4. Leads United 145bpm 6:20 5. On Weed (Remix) 148bpm 6:30 6. Aldus vs. Krusty 144bpm 7:00 7. Neuron Compost- Sonic Sodomy (Sattel Battle Remix) 146bpm 7:28 8. Where Are My Boots (Barefoot Funk) 145bpm 6:25 9. Reality Bites 145bpm 6:47 10. Dosomethingwithyourlife (Oxya Remix) 144bpm 8:16 11. 2 Step Chase (Live @ Halu Club) 150bpm 5:45

Sattel Battle hits the floors with his second album. For those that donít know, Sattel Battle is Elad Weinberg (aka Tsabeat), hailing from Israel. Tsabeat should be well known by most people, he has some compilation releases out there and two free downloadable albums. Sattel Battle is his more experimental outing, although you wouldnít immediately say that after the first few tracks of this album. This is Eladís second album as Sattel Battle, the first one was called Sounds Cool and was released in January 2007 on Giíiwa productions. Most of the tracks here range at 144-150bpm, so you know what tempo to expect. What struck me is that this album is quite diverse. I havenít had the pleasure of listening to Sattel Battleís first album, so I canít really comment on his style, but itís quite diverse. Example: Track 1 isnít too busy, to get you into the mood. Track 2 reminded me of old Infected Mushroom style. Track 3 has a distinct Deedrah feel to it with that massive rolling bassline. And then from track 4 the atmosphere goes towards weirdness. Overall, this album sets the tone for some old school like psytrance with new school bass lines, and there are acid lines flying all over the place. Together with some weird sampling on a lot of the tracks (funk guitars and porno samples, krusty etc. etc.) and a general party atmosphere, and this is starting to sound like a pretty solid effort. One thing that you shouldnít do however, is take this music too seriously ;) Everything from the track titles to the great artwork scream: this is supposed to be fun people!
Lo and behold: it is! And damn, that mastering from Tim Schuldt hits the spot once again. Crisp and clear, hammering those bass drums and bass lines home in the speakers like thereís no tomorrow. What I particularly liked is the natural atmosphere that flows through the album. There is no track that sounds forced, or crammed in to reach those 74 minutes. Itís all great stuff. From the start, through the Deedrah esque Roundy (T3), and the weirder Aldus vs. Krusty and Sonic Sodomy (T6,7) all the way through to the happy and bouncy Reality Bites (T9) and the funky remix of Oxya (T10) to the end track, which is a live one.

Recomendation:  From the mastering, to the artwork and of course, more importantly, the music, this is one complete package. If youíre looking for some great psytrance to fit into your collection and you want an artist album thatís been seriously worked on, you should get this. This is made by someone who obviously loves this music himself, and it shows! Top score from me here, two thumbs up! Maybe itís time for me to check that first album as well...

Review by : Acidhive

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