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February 25 , 2024
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 ( Gi`iwa ,  Jul. 2004 )

1. Pimperknuckle- Size 8 7.24 2. Sattel Battle- Dotman 5.54 3. Tamlin- Fjaqek 8.53 4. Patrask- Captain Insano 7.50 5. Alrune- Monkey Combat 7.20 6. Neuron Compost- Izilop Pop 9.13 7. Derango- Secret Surroundings 8.49 8. The Vicious Spiral- Noize in da Hood 5.06 9. Weird Alchemy- Fucking system 17.03

When I saw the artists' list and when I understood what kind of music this CD will have, I knew I just had to buy it. Received it last week, and all I know is that I can predict the future- this CD will not get out of my CD player for a very long time! If you're into the usual boring powerful full on- this one is not for you. BUT, if you're in for some psychedelic mind expanding musical experience and powerful as well on top of it- go go go get it.
The beauty of the compilation is that you get it all, packed in one CD. If u like it funky and jazzy, you can enjoy Pimperknuckle and Sattel Battle tunes. If you like it really weird and mind expanding, then you've got Tamlin (joy joy- what a huge track). If you like it hard dancefloor, you've got Derango and The Vicious Spiral. If you like it hardcore and yet funny, you've got Alrune to entertain you. If you like it more old days Goa psychedelic, you've got Neuron Compost. And of course if you're looking for one of the dinosaurs of psy music, you've got Weird Alchemy (which I have been a fan of for a long time).
And eventually, if you'll be good and patient enough, you'll get one last sup rise- unfortunately I do not know the last track's name, except that it is Reece's (one of Gi'iwa's co-owners) own track.
The tracks have been carefully chosen to fit all psy lovers. More dancefloor orientated and definitely not music served on a golden plate. You've got to really listen to it in order to understand it. The more I listen, the more I discover. Do you remember the days when you could actually distinguish each track from each other? When trance music wasn't so chewed and recycled? This is an experience you'll relieve here.

Recomendation:  To sum it up, a highly recommended compilation, both in originality and in production. It's Gi'iwa's first compilation, but certainly not the last. I hear they've got some goodies to offer us behind their sleeves

Favorite tracks:1, 2 (!!), 3 (!!!), 6, 9 and the last hidden track (naughty naughty feeling).

Review by : Candy

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