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June 25 , 2019
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Setherian - Postrancepose

 ( Oxygen ,  Nov. 2006 )

1. Klosterfunk - 5:51 - 130 bpm 2. Fakin Nathex - 7:25 - 127 bpm 3. D-Fraktion - 7:49 - 130 bpm 4. Diplik - 6:34 - 136 bpm 5. Trodden Fire - 7:16 - 140 bpm 6. Moving Targets - 8:39 - 144 bpm 7. Critical Overflow - 8:00 - 145 bpm 8. The Shining - 8:06 - 140 bpm 9. Reentrant Uperiodic - 6:15 - 120 bpm 10. Aidiemist - 6:47 - 120 bpm

Setherian is one of those few artists who want to make things different, walking his own way whatever it costs. He started to DJ a long time ago, and soon started to create his own music, releasing his first track in 2002. Being one of the most well know artist in Brazil and abroad, in 2004 he launched his own label and released his debut album through another label. Now, after exploring other musical realms, he released his second album through Oxygen Records, a two years old label with 5 releases under their belts. And Oxygen did a good work: I'm pleased to find the bpms of all tracks inside the booklet and an interesting message inside the jewel case: "Copying kill our music, download with intelligence."
The artcover by Mike Comandeer, and the mastering by Sonic Vista Studios.

The album begins with Klosterfunk, a joyful ride on the landscapes painted by Sethís imagination. Itís a journey track, with an excellent flow where each element fits perfectly its place. One of the best tracks here, the only detail is that it could be a little longer. Fakin Natex is the second track, an electro influenced sort of trance at 127 bpm. I like the bass, the second half is better and more danceable, it also has a some interesting elements and a weird sample. With D-Fraktion (T3) Setherian clearly shows how to move the dance floor, another electro-influenced track with huge pads and good energy, I want to try this one on the dance floor. But it is only with Diplik (T4) that Seth shows us his approach to progressive psytrance. Diplik is an efficient track, and not only that: it is also unpredictable and good to dance. And with that we leave the progressive field and move to realms where the kicks are faster. Trodden Fire (T5) does the move, a good morning track with involving atmosphere, strange structure and elements and without cheese melodies. Perfect to sunrise. Weíre getting even deeper into the full on style: Moving Targets (T6) is the most straight forward full on track on the album, itís 144 bpm and the powerful ending would even sound out of place if it wasnít by the characteristic elements that made clear this tune belongs to Sethís album. I like the samples, but unfortunately canít understand them. Kicking at 145 bpm, Critical Overflow (T7) is the faster track on the album, full on without make breaks and build ups, it does the job and arrives at home early for dinner. And finally we got the last dance floor track: The Shining (T8). Happily enough, it turns out to be one of the best tracks in the album, carefully engineered to make me dance and smile. Monstrous pads and an excellent bass, this is the perfect way to close the album. But wait, the album is not over yet, there are still two tracks at 120 bpm. Reentrant Uperiodic (T9) is a weird track, havenít seem many like this one, but it is good to listen to and contains its own journey and follow its own path. And closing the album there is Aidiemist, a slow track with an interesting minimal approach and excellent stereo work.

I admit it took me a while to really appreciate the album in it's whole extend, and in fact I'm still discovering new things about, but being such a diverse album this is not unexpected. Seth really put a lot of effort in this one, and this reflects on the small details that make a huge difference.

Recomendation:  I recommend this album for those who are searching for psychedelic music, the kind that is not restrained by boundaries of style or fashion. The album goes from 120 to 145 bpm, half of it can be considered progressive psytrance, with electro influences that can be heard miles away. The other half is sort of a "full on that's not canned". And there are more than two halves: two slower tracks close the album and theyíre very good. So the album delivers 10 previously unreleased tracks packed with a lot of surprises. Really worth checking.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 3, 4, 5, 8(!), 9, 10.

Review by : full_on

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