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July 14 , 2024
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SFX - The Unreleased Tracks 89-94

 ( Phonokol ,  1998 )

1. We are controlling Transmission 6:42 (feb. 93) 2. Techno Terror 6:17 (june 90) 3. Different Atmosphere 7:20 (july 93) 4. Allah Acbar 7:30 (oct. 92) 5. H2H3 7:07 (nov. 90) 6. Sativa 9:03 (june 93) 7. Reaching Out 6:46 (march 93) 8. Tone Deaf 5:43 (aug. 90) 9. Galactica 5:21 (feb. 91) 10. Sativa (atmosphere cut) 12:12 (june 93)

This is A new release of old stuff from Avi Nissim & Lior Perlmutter (Astral Projection). The older tracks really sound like Industrial stuff from the 80's with melodic stuff on top. The newer stuff is like old AP. I have to divide this review to two: The ’93 tracks and the old tracks. I’ll start with the first.

Track one bring you back to the old times, this one could not pass unrecognizable from the parties of ’93 with the unmistakable “We are controlling Transmission” sample. I swear that this track almost brought tears to my eyes, I don’t know if it’s because of that amazing moving melody or due to nostalgia. Track 3 still sounds very Technoish, but with those strong AP melodies and the beginning of that unmistakable bass drum of theirs. Allah Acbar (god is great in Arabic), is a nice very melodic track with a bit of oriental ethnic atmosphere. Sativa is a typical old AP and you can certainly recognize their sound here, second best track here. And you got the inevitable chill out version in the last track, which is real good. And now for the old tracks: Listening to tracks 2 and 8 (‘90) is like listening to Front 242 with AP melodies in the background. Track 5, which was probably inspired by the gulf war, is pure Techno, an almost evil track. I guess that track 9 shows the beginning of AP fascination with outer space, hard and heavy techno with samples of robots destroying the human race. This CD makes you realize that there is a connection between Industrial-Techno music and trance. You can hear that in Wardance, the Killing Joke remixes CD, and you definitely can hear that here. But, and it’s a big but, this CD also lets you feel the difference, because when you hear the newer stuff which is real trance together with that old industrial-trance it just doesn't go along together. The reason is the energies behind the music- industrial music is power loving, violent, sometimes evil and trance is happiness, smiles, good nature dance energy.

Recomendation:  Nice one, mainly for interest and nostalgia, but as I said, the mix of the old and newer stuff doesn't go well. People with Industrial-Techno background may find this CD very interesting. And one final word about the beautiful, twisted, mind bending, Psychedelic cover by Inga Bourin - we’ve got a real talent here, record companies- USE IT! I’ve seen some stuff she does in a bigger scale for UV- amazing and very special!!!

Favorite tracks:1(!), 4, 6, 10.

Review by : Shahar

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