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June 24 , 2019
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Shpongle - The Remixes

 ( Twisted ,  Oct. 2003 )

1. Crystal Skulls (Western Rebell Alliance rmx) 6:34 2. And the Day Turned to Fright (Eat Static rmx) 9:16 3. Star Shpongled Banner (Brothomstates rmx) 4:57 4. A New Day to Say Hooray (Prometheus rmx) 7:51 5. My Head Feels Like A Frisbee (Delicious of Grandeur rmx) 7:01 6. Dorset Perception (Total Eclipse rmx) 7:26 7. Around the World in A Tea Daze (Ott rmx) 8:25 8. Once Upon the Sea of blissful Awareness (Esionjim rmx) 6:54

Dramatic mysterious opening develops around you slowly, surrounded by that grabbing spiraling rhythms and percussion that shakes you from within. Then those Spanish guitars just lift you up, supported by tons of emotional sounds that fly you high till the hit and run climax that leaves you there wondering what has happened, who are Western Rebel Alliance and where have they been hiding so far? Then those familiar moody sunset sounds follow and darkness creeps around you. The music slowly builds a visual world around you- it's dark, a bit spooky, the people are all around you- you start dancing- enjoy the ride! A real joyride it is, full of sneaky surprises and frenzy hectic and chaotic mind moves. Shpongle & Eat Static- and rumor says Simon & Merv have just completed an album... Still dazed from the last one, things get real weird- where the fuck are we? Have we been mysteriously teleported to a Finnish forest in the middle of the night? It's dark and cold, things are swishing all around us, pretty scary! How do we get out of here? Shall we press some button? Hey! Who's marching there? Oh, it's him, the shaman, I know his voice- he's OK, we follow him, no problem, and actually it's rather nice here, you know. The forest is gone, who are all these tribes gathered down there.. chanting.. dancing.. almost naked around the big fires (Prometheus did bring the fire from the gods, remember...)? Who are all these dancing red-orange bodies under the warm light rain? Who the hell cares? Let's join, nice and funky here... They say the spirits will come as well if we dance hard enough. Head is spinning, actually it feels like a Frisbee! Gotta slow down and relax a bit! Nothing more soothing than a flute! Delicious of Grandeur? Gotta be two English guys... "Nipples get hard"? English for sure. Seems we have to start dancing again. Oh, what to do! Here we go again- chill out? What chill out? Where have those Mexicans come from suddenly? Ariba, Ariba! And yet again my head feels like a Frisbee- story of my life. Well, It's dark and quiet again, a bit spooky as well, but the caressing sounds and vocals are here around you- just float on that Spanish guitar all the way to Goa, where a high tide of emotions is what it is all about, and who is better to transform Dorset into Goa sunrise moments than Totat Eclipse? I'm smiling hard here! What is she saying about that tiny head? Say again! Who's folding my head? Wow- what's happening? Something flips here- gotta be careful when you follow weird people talking... WOW where have we landed! This place is huge! Gotta be the Orient, judging by the sound, and the Shanti atmosphere- I think we'll just lay down here on these big pillows and let the mind float, and this one floats the heart as well- it's just a beauty, I guess. Ott in Hebrew is a sign- I wonder for what... seems a good sign, so far. And indeed, lying down like that, floating on music- a sea of blissful awareness- you can love, you can weep, you can dance for dawn... It's all out there- so beautiful, so unbelievably beautiful. And all because 13 years ago some girl told me about that party... gotta love life!

Recomendation:  Remix? Original? Album? Compilation? Names? Directions? Dunno, this is just one long beautiful journey for me, and I know I'm yet to discover many surprises inside. It's told well, and maybe you just can't go wrong with so many excellent little stories. Highly recommended, and do yourself a favor- don't just put it in the background- this is no background music- dive inside.
Favorites: the whole journey.

Review by : Shahar

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