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June 24 , 2019
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Sirius Isness - Breaking The Matrix

 ( Mind Control ,  Apr. 2005 )

1. Breaking The Matrix 146bpm 7:56 2. I Want Freedom 147bpm 8:18 3. Oxygenation 145bpm 7:48 4. Radar Detection 145bpm 8:01 5. Legion of Angels (Album Rmx) 144bpm 7:56 6. Sirius Conspiracy 147bpm 8:27 7. The Psydream 145bpm 8:13 8. MK Ultra 145bpm 8:11 9. Retro Life System (Live Mix) 145bpm 7:57

Sirius Isness are Max and Davina – formerly of Biodegradable along with Samy the CPU and Nikka of Mekanikka. The couple come out with their 2nd synergic cd, a total step above production wise from the 1st one. Let’s explore this cd track by track:

“Breaking the Matrix” starts off with a bang at 146 BPM, the track develops with samples from old sci fi movie THX 1138. I like how the blend of tribal percussions with those harsher fm sounds and those guitar riffs – surely a nice track to start off with. (T2) is called “I Want Freedom”, it uses samples from “Waking Life” – I always imagine that scene from the movie, Pixel also sampled this line in his album, but the manipulation is very different here. At a very high speed again, this track is a dance floor monster. Moving along to my favorite track here, “Oxygenation”. This track keeps pulling up and up into what seems the upper atmosphere with those pads and then comets back like a fireball. Very good breaks on this one and I enjoy the melodies. (T4) “Radar Detection” is a bouncy track with very good percussion work. There is a synth combination that really reminds me of Black & White’s track “20 for 7”. Nice breakdowns and relaxing phases to this track, soothing pads and melodies that tell a story. “Legions of Angels” was one of my favorite tracks on the Mind Controllers compilation that came out last year. The remix is excellent in that it doesn’t really remind me of the original – maybe at the very end- you get this pleasant deja vu – this is another dance floor bomb. Up next is “Sirius Conspiracy” (T6). A fast harder track with rolling base lines, TB sounds and squeaky leads. There is no conspiracy! Or is there? Slowing down to 145BPM again, a groovier base line and FM sounds combo is the on the menu for “The Psydream”, good work on the buildups here, although a bit predictable. (T8) is named “Mk Ultra” after a mysterious intro, the tracks explodes into its essence. Gated vocals and clever games let us know what is coming. I like the melodies here, very dreamy and enjoyable. Last but not least is “Retro Life System (Live Mix)”, this gummy track bounces around at 145BPM and again has very sweet and fluffy melodies that accompany harder sounds aimed at the brain, a good choice for an exit track for this total dance floor CD.

Recomendation:  I enjoyed this CD, I found myself unable to stop bouncing around my car or room when listening to it. It is surely aimed at the dance floors and will cause some beautiful damage there in the time to come. I’m glad that Davina and Max have found a home with Mind Control Records, the music style fits the labels agenda and I hope to see more from them in future. Certainly a step up from their previous CD, a more balanced, highly tweaked album that took a lot of work if one pays attention to details. Good job!
Favorites: 1,3,4,5,7

Review by : Gadi Vered.

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