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June 27 , 2019
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Sky Dancing- Nada Masala vol. 2

 ( Dakini ,  Sep. 2001 )

1. Sveda- Veil of Illusion 9:27 2. Masala- Lucid Dreams 7:39 3. Professor Trance- Inner Horizon 4:54 4. Makyo- Erzulie (phantom remix) 10:00 5. Blue Planet Corporation- Mangrove 7:04 6. Makyo- Behind the Veil (remix) 11:56 7. Ochi Brothers- Sandhiprakash 7:24 8. Jaia- Le Chant des Sirenes 9:32 9. Ishq- Yu 9:57

second volume to Sky Dancing from Dakini, the best chill-out label for me today. And yes, Gio does it again.
Sveda, a new project of Gio & friends open up with Veil of Illusion- Great hypnotizing drumming, beautiful oriental singing, great break coming back with beautiful Darbuka work and great opening strings. All create a mysterious sense of longing that touches the heart deep down inside. Perfect. Masala continues in the same atmosphere with relaxed, flute-like keyboards with an almost Bedouin feel to them. Ecstatic Arabian nights in jazzy interpretation layered on fast drum'n'bassy percussion work in the background. I was expecting a lot from Professor Trance after the amazing track on Nada Masala vol. 1. I was disappointed- expectation are bad for you people! Anyway, after I cleaned myself and listened to Inner Horizon (T3) with clean mind I found a nice soft peace of music with powerful vocals. Not the best here, but nice. Than itís time for Dakini's main Skydancer, Makyo with Erzulie (T4), a weird blend of funky jazzy chilled lines layered rhythmic tribal drumming, African-like chants and shouts, caressing vocals and psychedelic squeaking. All sitting together perfectly somehow and sounding totally coherent and just waiting for your mind to immerse in them. BPC doing something I wasn't aware he was doing, and doing it well. Mangrove (T5) starts with a weird consciousness intro and than slides through a slow drumming & percussion break/build up into a very atmospheric and open vocal track slowly rising up. Very Dakini in feel. Great. Behind the Veil (T6) demonstrates again that Makyo makes real trance music. In the sense that it can induce in your mind a trance state without you moving from your sit. This is another great melodic chilled journey. Ochi Brothers with Sandhiprakash (T7) a beautiful dreamy track with enchanted soundscapes. Jaia follow with my favorite here, Le Chant des Sirenes (T8), a track that has it all, the subtle melodic lines that touch your soul, the rich world of sound built around you, a magical atmosphere, powerful, yet subtle, energy, and a real built up story that will move your mind and even your body. Full on ambient. Absolute Jaia. Ishq end the journey with Yu, a kick-less piece with great atmosphere, as usual in Dakini's CDs.

Recomendation:  I feel like a broken record, but this is another great chillout release from Dakini. Highly recommended.
Favorites: 1(!), 2, 4-6, 8(!), 9.

Review by : Shahar

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