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October 1 , 2020
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Solaris Vibe - Weirdo EP

 ( Iono ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Weirdo 8:37 2. Moonlight 7:22 3. Fake Flight 7:08

Assaf Vizovich a.k.a Solaris Vibe is a brand new psy progressive artist coming from Rishon le Zion, Israel. He started producing music 8 years ago and so far managed to get his music released on several labels like Plusquam, YSE and Midijum.

This release starts sharp and smooth with the title track. The stone gray kick bass correlation is pumping, enhanced by the repetitive beats and the subtle analogue bleeps and whirls in the background. The song has a carefully arranged mix, not overcrowded yet simple and subtle, just enough for a good night time stomp! Moonlight (T2) slowly unfolds with a two note bass as the trippy uneven pads lurk in the background. A melancholic synth sequence kicks in a well produced blend typical for the Iono taste. It unfolds into peaks and valleys as the reverbed synths sweeps the floor like searchlights, skimming for a straight visitor. A perfect pre-morning tune! The last track, Fake Flight, has a similar bass line and kick but a different groove. The German influence can be scented here. As the whole theme progresses playing with the instruments in a dry manner, the organic-like melody seems to never reach its highlight. It's an ongoing steady, rush-less drive, marking the talent of the artist. The artwork is showing us that even the most normal stereotypical person can be a ‘Weirdo’ sometimes.

Recomendation:  The release is in typical Iono style. No apparent highlights, no cheesy melodies just good ole’ plain trance produced with the latest technological allowances in the music world. The production is top notch and the tracks are hypnotic. We should definitely watch out for upcoming releases from this artist.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!!!), 3.

Review by : Kikola

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