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June 20 , 2019
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Solid Snake - Unleashed

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Aug. 2009 )

1. Intro 1:57 2. Too Deep in Bleep 7:32 3. Babylon 8:14 4. Is it You or is it Me? 9:59 5. The Source 7:49 6. Flum Drum 8:37 7. Orkel Shnorkel 8:22 8. Shadows (part I) 8:04 9. Shadows (part II) 8:50 10. Untamed 10:09

Omar Chelly is one person of the duo that formed the successful psy progressive project Tegma. They've been around the scene for a while so my expectations for this project are marked high. The idea of this project is mainly linked to the old progressive style like the album Around the World in 80 Minutes, which means one thing- a lot of ethnic elements. As a bonus, an old friend of Omar, Anders Rosengren, is helping out as a co-writer and producer in parts of this album. Let's feel the freshness of this release.

A dreamlike state, with a hypnotic hook is heralding the blissful moments that wait to be discovered and examined in an exhaustive manner (T1). As the fantasy comes to end it slides through the ethereal plane and thinly sprinkled drums with the ongoing sharp and flat stereo percussion kick in, making us feel the spacey evolution of modern sound. The electrified glory moments remind us of the good old progressive 'cheese-free' stomps with the tendency towards a 303 fetish (T2). Smoothly EQed bass evolution comes like sheer fire switching the vibe, rising and falling in intensity, going from 4/4 beat to reggae, and back to the pure energy of crisp live-sounding drums, making a perfect dance floor tackle (T3). This whole album is balanced nicely, experimentation combined with experience, leading to 3D progressive tracks on which every bit of sound is worth listening to. A harder, blacker variant followed by an oscillated and distorted murky synth ends with a smoked out jazzy-rasta laid back tune (T4). As opposed to the epic start followed by a crisp, clear and provocative beat on which special effects are added one at a time and a pleasant rolling feel is presented with the flanged spooky lead that combines into a sorrow tragedy, a great example of transforming the emotional sensations into a material state (T6). An Awesome track! Nearing the end of the CD the atmosphere is relaxed a bit for a pleasant and nice ride through (T7), but the joy ride will not finish without the distinguished scent of brewed talent. The heavily processed vocal samples add a completely different vibe to the album, we expect something more concrete, but instead we get an abstract, imaginary surfing through the simple tones of the main melody arranged and phased to form a repetitive trance-dance ethnic masterpiece (T8). Omar and Anders thought that they haven't expressed their feelings enough and decided to make a second part of the track which in basic terms means that the colors are the same but the overall feeling changes due to the fact that the bass is chopped and the propelling dynamics are shifted towards the groove (T9).

Recomendation:  What can I say more than that it's a great listenable/danceable/tranceable album. It definitely has the Tegma influence in it, but as the project name changed the musical ideas changed as well, affecting the atmosphere and making it more sophisticated and I bet that it will do wonders wherever it's played.
The artwork presents two maestros orchestrating the “Unleashing” the pure force that has been preparing to be freed for a long time into the music jungle.

Favorite tracks:2, 3, 5, 7(!!), 8(!).

Review by : Kikola

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