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August 23 , 2019
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Son Kite - On Air CDS

 ( Digital Structures ,  2004 )

1. On Air (Original) 9:48 2. On Air (Deedrah remix) 7:15 3. On Air (Lemon 8 remix) 11:08 4. On Air (Future/Past remix) 5:27 5. On Air (Midival Punditz remix) 6:27 6. On Air (New Disco Science Alliance remix) 10:14

Son Kite need no introduction. Having released two albums already, theyíve made a name for themselves as one of the pioneers of progressive trance music, always trying to reinvent music. This is the first of the colours series containing two singles, a full length album and a live act recorded on DVD.
The minimalistic cover design is plainly beautiful and serves the series right.

The original track opens up with a very chilled atmosphere which reminds me of Aiwana (Downbeat mix). The rest of the track is unbelievably unique and fresh, as simple as that. It gave me the chills like in the good old Goa days (something that I havenít gotten for a very very long time). Deedrahís vision of the track is more full-onish yet groovy and has a special twist. I really like the solid kick on that one. Harry Lemon AKA Lemon 8 presents us with a progressive house version (T3). An emotional break which builds up slowly and guaranteed to sweep any dancefloor with positive vibes. Served with cheese, but you gotta have some in these cases. I really donít know what to make of track 4 (a remix by Future/Past). Itís very weird, different and cool in some sort of way. Too bad itís shorter than it should have been. Seems like it ends just when itís about to startÖ
Midival Punditz (T5) have created a dubby, eastern influenced version. Mellow, trippy atmosphere. A lot of live instruments like tambourine, sitar and flute. Invites you to sit back and relax a little, but not too long because the next track raises the BPM. NDSA a side project of Ticon, which shows us their housier and clubbier side. It lacks the original's magic, but does have a lot of Ticonís magic in it. Good for the dancefloor.

Recomendation:  A group of leading artists, each in his own category. Each one of the remixes approaches the original track differently (and the sound is top notch, too). The sample ďItís about radioĒ gets quite annoying after a lot of listen, but thatís expected from a remixes CDS. A promising start for the series. Three more to go.
Favorites: 1(!),2,3,5.

Review by : Timmy

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