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February 28 , 2021
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Subway Disco Stories

 ( Very Progressive ,  Nov. 2006 )

1. Sharon and Robert - Project Y 2. Siberian Son - Dogma (Andrew K's Heretic Mix) 3. David Amo and Julio Navas - Open Your Eyes 4. Manuel Duego - Hipnotize 5. Igal Magitman - Wusik Feeling (D-Nox and Beckers rmx) 6. Junk Science - Troll (Eelke Kleijn rmx) 7. Manuel Duego - Hipnotize (Ilsoe Jokke rmx) 8. Native feat. Mark Nunam - Remember Me (Brisker and Magitman rmx)

Coming right from the heart of the holy land, two well established and experienced djs have brought us a solid, dance floor pounding compilation. Both DJs are heavily booked around the globe as well in Israel, playing and compiling mostly crossover progressive compilations oriented for the serious clubbers. This time the compilation is released for the record label Very Progressive which derived from the Domo label group, and its goal is to release up to date danceable music with artist rooster as Native, Nick Galea, Brisker & Magitman and Sharon & Robert.
The concept of the whole compilation is based on the flow, starting with a low, slow chilling atmosphere and heading towards, floor crashing, pumping beats lacking in most of the releases nowadays. The artwork is good although I can't quite dig the photo of the subway train; nevertheless it is hanging framed on the wall at home.
This compilation kicks in with a mild yet melancholic tune (T1) which I can categorize as atmospheric Break Beat fitting perfectly in the early mornings of the hangover sundays. The well known remixed tune Dogma from Siberian Son (T2) has proven its power once again, with an overall feeling of sadness ideal for opening a DJ set. As we head to the middle of the compilation the sounds get tighter, sharper, with a lot of compression and dynamics showing some great mastering skills from both the technical and musical point of view. The darker side of the CD comes towards the end (T6) with the remix of Eelke Kleijn, a true masterpiece! Pumpy, deep, constant bass going up and down layered with pads of electro emotional splashes soaked in effects for the highlight. My favorite on this compilation. The end of the compilation is done in a way that you think that the party is over (T7) with minimalistic but groovy, solid tune and then comes the goodbye electro dance floor madness (T8) grabby, moving with a male vocal sighing for something.

Recomendation:  All in all this compilation has some fine tunes with top notch quality which make a perfect balance for the rest of the tracks for whom you must know the right moment to play them so they can be understood well by the listeners.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 6!!

Review by : kikola

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