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July 14 , 2024
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 ( Doof ,  May. 2003 )

1. Borg- Blue Atmosphere 7:51 2. Sweat Shop Boys- Sun Burns 6:58 3. Mechanix- For Sale 6:23 4. Blanka- 2003 8:00 5. U-Reckon- Tripaganka 6:44 6. Quatum- Bug Driver 7:23 7. Zion- Atalantis 7:58 8. FOL- Fungosia 7:11 9. Dark Doors- Fast Message 5:39

Doof newest compilation is their best release to date, itís a totally fresh and psychedelic release with good spirits about it, and a real honest of no-bullshit we-want-to-dance-our-minds-outside feeling to it. Itís a bit different than the previous Doof releases, more diverse, more relaxed (itís all relative, of course...), but itís all for the good.
Borg starts with Blue Atmosphere, a highly condensed atmosphere hypnotic track that totally grabs me and sends me somewhere else, dark yet optimistic, and full of power. My favorite here, right on the start. Next are the Sweat Shop Boys, funny group name, and a track with one of the funniest samples ever- I wonít spoil the surprise. Itís all melodic and happy and silly and really nice. Mechanix follows with a short happy bouncing morning track (T3) with changing rhythms and interesting twists. Then Blanka take a turn to more psychedelic and hard direction to bring us to Tripanganka (T5) by U-Reckon. I reckon this tracksí first 4 minutes are the most intense and trippy ones Iíve heard in a long long while. But the trackís development after the break left me with a what?-this-is-it? feeling, which is a shame. Still, this is one name Iím going to follow, and Iím waiting eagerly to hear more from this guy. Next comes Quantum with Bug Driver (T6). Quantum is everyoneís favorite DJ Gidi (Hovek Olam) for those who didnít know. This is a real nice full on track with a tight grabbing groovy rhythm section in a darkish atmosphere, and a nice explosive break. Zionís next with Atlantis, another hypnotic atmospheric and trippy piece with an airy early morning feel to it, another favorite here. Last two tracks are more in sync with earlier Doof releases- FOL with a nice psychotic scratchy track and Dark Doors with a very short intense array of weird psychedelic sounds- sometimes too much is not enough.

Recomendation:  : Surprise of the year so far. A delicious extract of psytrance as I love and missed. Have it.
Favorites: 1(!!), 2, 5, 6, 7.

Favorite tracks:1(!!), 2, 5, 6, 7.

Review by : Shahar

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