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March 21 , 2019
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Synthetic Chronicles- compiled by Silicon Sound

 ( Neurobiotic ,  Nov. 2008 )

1. Antix - Little Honey (Silicon Sound remix) 8:34 2. Even 11 and Blue Planet Corporation - City Slickers 8:46 3. Silicon Sound feat. Jaia - Passengers (Voyager Remix) 8:45 4. Silicon Sound feat. DJ Psychotrop - Hyperion 10:00 5. Polaris - Tribal Quest 8:02 6. Tristan - Dream Machine7:13 7. Liquid Soul - Unannounced Portal (Side-A remix) 7:44 8. Jaia - Fragile 7:31 9. Blue Planet Corporation - Tekno Sun 7:40

Italian-based Neurobiotic offers with Synthetic Chronicles a nearly all out French invasion. The artists featured on this compilation are what is considered to be the creme-de-la-creme of the psychedelic/progressive scene. Jaia, Silicon Sound (and their collaborative effort Even 11), Blue Planet Corporation, Tristan, Polaris, Side-A. All top notch producers. This promises to be a blend of deep progressive grooves, lovely morning sounds, driving psychedelics and a touch of electro.

Bliss. Thatís the word which came to mind after giving the album its first spin. From the opening seconds, there is a distinct touch of quality oozing out of the speakers. Building slowly from progressive to more upbeat excursions, we get introduced to some of the most exquisite soundscapes around. Some notables are Even 11 and Blue Planet Corporationís City Slickers, which is a lovely slice of progressive psy with a pinch of electro; Voyagerís remix of Passengers, which is a morning digger of huge proportions; Jaiaís Fragile, which is as fresh as it is mesmerizing in its playful innocence; And the closing slice of quirkiness by Blue Planet Corporation. Especially the latter grew on me after repeated listening, and, despite other recent output by BPC which I found to be sub-par, shows that the masters of the 90s still have it. Silicon Soundís remix to Antixís classic Honey sounded, though the production quality is exemplary, somewhat uninspired, and the inclusion of Tristanís Dream Machine, though it is a monster of a track, seems somewhat off, as the rest of the album consists of fresh material (as far as I can discern). However, this album delivers its promise, and at times even exceeds expectations by a mile. The flow is excellent, starting with some easy going beats, slowly progressing towards more full-on psychedelic excellence, and closing off in the same vein as in which the album started.

Iím very much looking forward to more output of these artists. A new Jaia album would be very welcome, and if thereís a collaborative album which ranks high on my list of wanted releases for the future, it would be an Even 11 album (still canít get enough of Oblivion, one of the best progressive soundscapes ever in my opinion). Alas, until such albums find their way into the scene, this compilation will more then fulfill its duty to fill the ether with its lovely vibrations! One thing is sure- Neurobiotic Records are on the top of their game with this release.

Recomendation:  This is for those of you who like their music melodic but with balls, fresh, diverse and most of all inspired. In a landscape with a plethora of mediocre releases, especially in the progressive genre, Synthetic Chronicles shines like a perfected diamond.

Favorite tracks:2!, 3, 8! 9.

Review by : Timetwister

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