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June 24 , 2019
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Talpa - When the somberness becomes a game

 ( Sundance ,  Oct. 2008 )

1 - Moronic evil rmx – 144 bpm 2 - When the somberness becomes a game – 144 bpm 3 - Awakening – 144 bpm 4 - I feel nothing – 144 bpm 5 - The world without me – 144 bpm 6 - No choice – 146 bpm 7 - Little pink elephants – 144 bpm 8 - Good city – 138 bpm 9 - Still dreaming – 101 bpm 10 - Lullaby for Ms Ivon Bonus: 11 - Frock – 144 bpm

Goran Juric needs no introduction to our scene, since 2002 when his two first tracks were released the reviewers were already convinced that on his home label, Sundance Records, had discovered a new talent. Two years later, the release of his world famous debut album “The Art of Being Non” just confirmed what everyone else already known, and the 10+ pages long reviews here on Isratrance corroborate that his debut is a classic. Now this Serbian is back with one of the most anticipated albums in the last few years, and it seems it was worth waiting.

In this second album Talpa presents diversified, original and effective full on, which is exactly what the full on scene needed: someone who understands what he is doing, develops his own sounds and presents his new ideas to the world. For sure this is one of the best full on releases of 2008, the others being the U-Recken, Human Blue and OOOD albums. Unfortunately, there is also bad news, and it seems this is the last attempt of Talpa at this genre, he is now working on other styles, according to himself: freestyle/downtempo/ambient and electro/minimal/progg, more commercial stuff.

Most tracks here float around 144 bpm, and I dare to say that they’re very dance floor friendly. I’ll make a short sample by sample review, I’m sure a lot of reviews are coming this way...

The album kicks off with Moronic Evil rmx (T1). The sample is from Salem's Lot:
"- What do you think ...
- The unholy spirit. Dull, mindless, moronic evil..."
Just crazy and very danceable! Exceptional starter.

When the somberness becomes a game (T2) is the track that named the album, and starts with samples from the movie The Ring:
“- We don't have enough time.
- Oh, honey, I know I've been working a lot and I'm sorry, but I promise you, I'm going to make it up to you.
- I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about time before we die.
- You have lots of time.
- So, you know when I'm going to die?
- No. No one does.”
It is crazy track that mix a groovy bass with melodic arpeggios and sometimes a mysterious atmosphere. Awesome.

Awakening (T3). Sample: “There is no place like home.” Awesome break around 5:00. Very good track!

I feel nothing (T4) makes me feel a lot of things, including a irresistible need to dance. Sample: "I feel nothing..."

The world without me (T5) is right now my favorite track. Hyper melodic and full of mind tricks, this track evolves in a surprising way, and presents a bass line I never expected from Talpa... Surprisingly impressive.
Ohh, almost forgot to mention that the samples are backwards, if you listen to it backwards you’ll hear in the beginning of the track the following dialog:
"- What's that? What do you know?
- I know that you’re about to have a heart attack."

No choice (T6) is one of the craziest here . Samples from the movie Immortel (ad vitam).
“- You believe in God?
- I don't even have that to fall back on.
- I suggest you believe in me.
- Do I have a choice?
- I'm afraid not.”

Little pink elephants (T7) starts with a maniac like melody, evolving in a happy way with voice like sounds, funky bass and uncanny atmospheres. It got even a break with guitars and hand claps before the bass comes back in a more pounding way. Of course, later it goes funkier again. Shockingly Splendid!

Good city (T8). Samples seem to be from a game named Caesar III.
“Things seem to be working well.
This is a good city, people like living here.”

Still dreaming (T9) is the low speed track here. After the beautiful, peaceful start we got a pounding beat. Very atmospheric and psychedelic, love the feeling this one brings to me. One of the most emotional chill tracks I've heard in a long time.

Lullaby for Ms Ivon (T10) probably has a connection with the Miss Ivon track, released on the Fabula Records compilation Ultrapop 2, but I could not find it. Anyways, this beatless beauty is the perfect track to officially close the album.

Which leaves us with Frock (T11), a bonus track with the taste of “real music”, while retaining the psychedelic feelings.
The artwork designed by http://www.izwoz.com.au is also very impressive, spotting right on the album concept.

Recomendation:  Definitely recommended for all full on fans, and everyone else who need proof that this genre can be really psychedelic.
This instant classic is already delivering smiles and earthquakes in the dance floors all around the world. It was worth waiting 4 years, thanks for releasing such good music.

Favorite tracks:1, 2 (!), 4, 5 (!!), 6, 7 (!), 9 (!!), 11.

Review by : full_on

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