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June 24 , 2019
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Tegma - Lo-Fi Adventures

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Feb. 2008 )

1 In All Ears (8:33) 2 East Block (CCCP Mix) (7:27) 3 Circles (7:49) 4 Computer Disorder (7:31) 5 Who Stole My Oscillator (8:05) 6 Monday Star (8:16) 7 What The Fuzz (8:28) 8 Twister (7:21) 9 Crank Up (6:48) 10 Lo-Fi Adventures (6:41)

The story brings us back in the 90's. Two close family friends since childhood, Omar Chelly and Jason Orfanidis became addicted to psychedelic music due to it's influence that Jason had while staying for the summer time in Greece. At first hand Omar didn't dig it, but as time passed and a lucky coincidence happened he too became fond of the psychedelic sounds and started to experiment immediately with “Reason” from which 2 projects derived: Epsilon and Tegma. Guess which one was the winner! Since then, they have released a lot of tracks and were featured on over 20 compilations, four albums, a few vinyls and not to mention the enormous booking schedule. This time the guys are back with a fresh album, combining the old digital soulful, with the new perfected and superficial sound.

Kicking off with deep experimental sound in a traditionally linear approach (T1) with a subterranean chopped bass and quirky effects with which a grand opening is presented. Minimal, loop-based electronic rhythms... The dark, insular side of Tegma is shown in this piece (T2). Beginning in it's barest form and evolving into a furious jagged machine beats, a blend of a lot styles making it perfect for a fast drive on a dark night. Vocoded space age sound effect, whirling through the stereo graph, shows that these guys mean business (T3). Every track so far had it's own story to tell, which is quite respected in this market nowadays, just to filter out the non-talented people eager for fast paced glory. A gentle, reserved touch served vocal making the elaborate pass through several emotional states easier for us, marks the 4th (T4) tune on this album. Easy minded with harder electronic presence we slowly stroll to the mid point where “Monday Star” (T6) and “What the fuzz”(T7) mark the present rebellious, anarchy spiced existence in these high tech times. Fiddled to perfection,(as perfect as the human entity can be) these tracks will for sure put a mark in my and I hope a lot of people's hearts with their unique identity that somehow prevail throughout. At the end the tracks that are not know for their effect over the crowd are put (T8,T9), and time will tell if their story would be told sometimes in the future...

Recomendation:  I coulnd't say more than I have written above. Dedication, love, harmony, peace. They all reflect the virtues of the human kind and are put in this album to make us forget out imperfections and... dance like crazy!
Reviewing this cd was not an easy task if I haven't had the help from the informational booklet and the inspirational graphics which are trying to tell us that the big great things are made from smaller parts which are not taken into serous consideration most of the time.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 4, 6(!!!), 7(!!)

Review by : Kikola

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