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September 22 , 2021
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Ten-G - Draconic Sun

 ( Adama ,  May. 2009 )

1. Amagoi 10:24 2. M.W.D. 7:10 3. Electric Creeper 8:58 4. Vega 8:12 5. Searching for... 7:42 6. Wind 7:47 7. Its Memories 8:45 8. Nine 9:52 9. Abyssal Explorer 8:36

Ten-G are Tatsuya Muto & Youji Tamura from Japan, and that is hard to miss with the excellent oriental cover for this CD. The guys are also know to perform live with Japanese masks. Draconic Sun is their debut album on Adama Records (Australia).

With extremely catchy melodies that do not fall into ultra-cheese, great sound shaping , incredible edit work , this one is sure to make every party dance and smile! We have here very distinct sound characters and their live playing instruments (Ten-G started as band with vocalist, guitar, bass and sampler). These will ensure that after listening to Draconic Sun you will recognize Ten-G sound everywhere. Those funky guitars and effects create a very unique feeling to Ten-G music, as well as a very musical dimension. I kept feeling like twisted spirals galaxy music, some vocals from outer space, was maybe trying to establish contact out there :)
The flow of the album is very smooth, with the help of long intros into the tracks that seem to be in harmony with each other and until the last sound there is an ever present feel of listening to interesting material.
Something strange (and good) I'd like to point out is that this album is full of soft sounds, and yet it is very powerful and kicking. Ten-G definitely have been very successful in merging both worlds in this aspect.

Recomendation:  I have first got acquainted with Ten-G's music a few years ago, and since then I always thought they are one of the greatest musicians in the new age psytrance scene. To prove me right, comes this great album- Draconic Sun- such a pleasure to listen to it.
Darconic Sun is definitely recommended for party/car/home as its simply great music. With roots in the underground funk scene of Japan, Tatsuya and Youji sure know what they are doing, and manage to add some funk into the mix of psychedelic dance music.

Review by : Elad W.

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