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June 25 , 2019
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Texas Faggott - Petoman’s Peflett

 ( Exogenic ,  Dec. 2000 )

1. Hector Sector (generals favourite) 2. Love Ice 3. Hoosianna 4. Lung Lock 5. Jäätelöautomaatti 6. U 7. Rock the beat now 8. Impastil 9. Breast Boogie 10. Lemuria 11. Millenibum 12. Humour Tumour 13. Resergean

Tim Thick, Pentti Slayer and Farncoise Faggott (external member) have been doing it for years now: making crazy music, doofin’ around the globe and enjoying life. This is their second CD released as Texas Faggott, and also their best release ever, in my opinion.

The beginning is groovy and funky with Hector Sector (T1). The Finnish weirdness strikes immediately, making you float around the room, changing direction every time. Love Ice (T2) sounds as though they took the lead sounds and rubbed them all over some old lady’s butt. Wonderful. Hoosianna (T3) is an buzzy combination of percussion and leads, which will make any psychedelic dance floor go crazy. Lung Lock (T4) starts with a repetitive annoying sample that makes one wonder what the hell they were thinking when they used it. Tempo and pitch changes every time. But then, the fun starts: an 80s inspired synth line kicks right in, accompanied by an organ and some squishy, tweaky sounds. Just about when the part about the fucking starts, you should go like “AHHHH!!!”. Not for pregnant women. Jäätelöautomaatti (T5), which according to the credits wasn’t written by Texas Faggott at all is one of the detached tracks on the CD. I just can’t make heads or tails of it. All I can say is that at some point, after you’ve tasted some of the craziness, it all inter-connects in your brain somehow and creates one big mixture of goofy, psychedelic goo. U (T6) is again… weird. Once again those tweaky sounds, wild African percussion and vocals twisted beyond recognition. Rock the Beat Now (T7) is the most insane track on the CD. It took me a few dozens of listens to figure it out, but finally I came to this conclusion. This is simply so FUCKED UP, and just when you think it couldn’t get more insane, it does. The next track, Impastil, (T8) is kind of nice, but for me it’s only an appetizer for the next one, and here it comes: “It is because of the beauty, that is why a woman holds her breast when she runs, not because the breast is going to fall” That’s Breast Boogie (T9), and the track is just about as freaky and funny as the sample. Going higher and higher, the craziness doesn’t stop for a second. Lemuria (T10) is relatively conventional. It’s built more like a song, without too many surprises. Millennium (T11) is a really cute track. A completely detached melodic line, with a steady baseline that doesn’t change every bar (and that’s almost non-existent in the rest of the CD). A cutie. Humor Tumor (T12) starts as conventionally as the first one. Seems like the Faggotts have finally taken their rest. But not for long. Suddenly, it punches right through the earth’s atmosphere into space, and beyond. The last track, Resergean (T13), is Texas Faggotts’ version of down-tempo music: beat-less at times, psychedelically changing moods, places and colors. There’s also a hidden track in the end of the CD. You should wait for it patiently, it’s a big surprise.

Recomendation:  A milestone in the history of psychedelic music. I seem to have run out of synonymous for “crazy” to describe it. I have this CD for more than two years now, and it still excites me on every listen. All the tracks have a plot. They take you from somewhere to somewhere else. Where exactly? I guess only the guys from Texas Faggott know.

Favorite tracks:1,5(!),7(!!),9(!!),11,12(!!)

Review by : TiMMY

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