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June 24 , 2019
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The Antidote - White

 ( Neurobiotic ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Saturne 8:04 2. Blind Test 7:44 3. Earth Away from Home 7:46 4. Hypnosis 7:54 5. Zingizang 7:17 6. Krome Angels- Destiny (The Antidote rmx) 6:56 7. Altered State 8:23 8. Air Controled 7:17 9. Satelite 7:25 10. Mr. Oudini 7:41

The Antidote is Serge Souque, one the real veterans of the trance scene, and part of the legendary Total Eclipse, among other things. Itís been more than five years since his last full length album was released, but donít fool yourself, he was not on vacation. In the mean time he released dozens of tracks in compilations plus the outstanding GBU album on Twisted Records. Now he pulled out of his sleeve ten unreleased tracks that find their way to the public as his third album, named White. The album presents a concise style, every track developing in its own time. These are not dance floor bombs, but rather hypnotic music packed with well placed noises and effects, presenting a psychedelic edge and being also very pleasant to dance too, as expected from a member of GBU. Most tracks here clock @ 142 bpm, the faster track being the Krome Angels rmx at 145 and the two slower tracks at 138 bpm are Air Controled (that's the original spelling on the album cover), and Mr. Oudini, which clearly present more progressive influences and also a pinch of electro. Neurobiotic Records made a good strategic move in releasing this album: not only the music fits perfect the line of the label, but also it is their best release since the Neo:caine compilation. Right now my favorite track is Hypnosis (T4), which I feel captures the essence of Sergeís music- really well crafted music. Its involving atmospheres really grabbed me. Another standout is Altered State (T7) that sounds faster and more energetic, with its rolling bass lines boosted by carefully premeditated psy effects turning it on in a huge dance floor pleaser here. Congratulations Serge, for this solid comeback.

Recomendation:  This is the best Neurobiotic release in a long time, intelligent music, made for those who enjoy more refined sounds in their parties. The album is definitely a good addition to most DJís cases, and also pleasant for home listening. If you like old school psy you should check this solid album.

Favorite tracks:1 (!), 2, 3, 4(!), 7(!).

Review by : full_on

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