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March 3 , 2024
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The Next Millennium

 ( T.I.T. ,  Jan. 1999 )

1. Astral Projection- Solid Electronics 7:43 2. Astral Projection- Andromeda 9:38 3. Astral Projection- Power Gene (Live) 7:45 4. The Mayan Collective- Channeling 9:10 5. Oforia Remix- Life on Mars 7:35 6. SFX Remix- Life on Mars 8:28 7. Interactive- Ten Minutes to Sunset 7:09 8. Silent Sentinels- Analog Voyager 9:41 9. Iridium- 12,000 Suns 12:10

To greet 1999, the last year of this millenium, Trust in Trance give us this CD, dedicated to the next millenium. It's basically an Astral Projection project with some new but already released tracks, some remixes to old tracks and some unreleased stuff. Also there are four new groups in which AP must be involved in some way or another- either by producing the tracks, taking part in them, or maybe they were made in their studios. The cover keeps us in secret about that, but the AP hand is felt in the music and there is no doubt about that. I always find it difficult to put AP stuff into words as their music is so full of sounds, great richness of sounds, and it delivers something that is really hard to translate into words (not that other trance stuff is easy!). I'll try anyway.
The CD starts with Solid Electronics, which can be found on Destination Goa 6, I believe. This Track sounds like a part of Dancing Galaxy. It's a very powerful track with the oh so full AP sound. It starts with some nice spacey sound and it doesn't take more then 10 seconds for that colossal bass drum to drop in, and then the room is just filled with all these sounds, the constantly moving melody, always changing a bit, the psychedelic flying effects and those immense entrances. It just works, though it sounds so familiar. The next track, Andromeda, is a new one and sounds a bit different. The track starts with a chime melody flying back and forth, the bass drum is there alright, but the sound is heavier and darker and will threaten your speakers. The track creates an atmosphere a bit different then the usual light, spacey atmosphere that AP creates.
The cover says on track three: "Recorded live somewhere in nowhere". I first assumed it was a mix to the old Power Gene track from TIT vol. 2, with samples of live crazy crowd in the beginning, end and off course in the inevitable build up in the middle. I found out though, that it was recorded live with open mics (later to be filtered off course). It's a great classic track and it's just great to hear all that crowd shouting in my own little place.
Track 4, The Mayan Collective track has an AP sound, but it is more relaxed and not so full. It has a very catchy melodic start, catching you right from the start. The track then slides back and forth slowly (it's not a fast track), going from side to side, with nice use of samples. Sliding would definitely be the word to describe it. It slowly builds up with a lot of layering of different sound only to go back to that melodic start and then crown it with a powerful melody. Nice one!
Tracks 5&6 are remixes by Oforia and SFX (AP themselves) to Life on Mars from Dancing Galaxy, A track that is the darkest and most mysterious on that CD. These tracks are the strongest in this CD. The Oforia remix is great, and you can immediately recognize ofer's sound. It starts with this electronic mumbling and then jumps to those sneaking sounds of the original track, but here you get the sounds naked without the fullness of the original, more emphasis is placed on the sounds themselves. A lot of spacey-computer-like sounds. The track disappears into mysterious robotic voices only to appear again, but in the SFX remix. This shorter remix is very different then the original, very massive. You get all those electronic whistles, crackles and dripping sounds and then a melody is built from behind the sounds and comes out to the open. A very whistle-like melody is added and the dripping becomes stronger and darker. Then you get a break from most of the sounds leaving just the whistles, the break turns into a slow psychedelic buildup in two layers. After the first layer you're just craving for a boom, but it doesn't arrive (which is a petty, I'm still waiting... This is cruel!). The track then returns to the pattern from the beginning and to those whistles and sneaking sounds, and fades out. The best track here.
Track 7, the Interactive track- Ten Minutes to Sunset, starts with an almost Techno-industrial sound, really reminds me of Front 242. Then the percussion gets in and then it becomes more trancey with liquid streaming sounds. It's a slow track with nice chill out breaks followed by "Ten minutes to sunset" samples followed by a chilled explosion of sound. A really good chill out track. The Silent Sentinels track (track 8) is a classic morning-noon slow track- spacey and happy, yet very grinding and in the end that powerful entrance just gotta put a smile on your face. The last track, as in all TIT stuff, is ambienty, it's called 12,000 suns and it definitely gives a very galactic atmosphere, you can actually feel in the midst of space, suns all around you.

Recomendation:  This is a really good CD, but it takes time to find it out. In the beginning you might think this is just another AP project, we heard it all- but, this is a really complex and variating CD. I would recommend taking the time and diving into it. It moves from a very light Dancing Galaxy sound into the darker Life on Mars remixes and then the last 3 tracks create a nice chilled atmosphere which is really fun to float in.

Favorite tracks:2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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